Get-to-Know a Broncho

Paige Buchanan, Recruitment Specialist

What is your background?
I was born and raised in Edmond, just a mile away from UCO actually. I graduated from Edmond Memorial High school in 2011 and went on to receive my B.B.A in HR management with a minor in psychology from UCO. I then received an internship in HR at Love’s Corporate and proceeded to work at Love’s for almost 3 years upon graduating. I recently joined UCO as a full-time staff member in HR, specifically talent acquisition. Needless to say, I really love HR and UCO. 

Tell me how you first got involved at UCO?
I first got involved at UCO as a student. Growing up in Edmond, UCO is very well known in the community, and after doing a lot of research, I decided it was the best place for me to receive my degree (this decision still holds up). I didn’t immediately start working for UCO after I graduated, but one day I was scrolling through LinkedIn, and I noticed an opportunity and something told me to give it a shot. Low and behold, I applied and was hired just a few weeks later. 

What would you say your strongest beliefs are about your contribution to the university?
I truly believe in UCO’s mission and I want it to be the best possible university for its students as well as its staff and faculty. How does that get accomplished? Hire the right people who will bring new ideas, perspectives and knowledge. My role definitely plays a part in bringing in the talent needed to make this university succeed. 

What do you do when you are not working?
When I’m not working, I’m out and about,  but I also love to be at home with my fiancé doing absolutely nothing besides watching America’s Test Kitchen re-runs. I’m currently a mentor for the OKC Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and in 2019 I served on the Oklahoma City HR Society Board – not going to lie, it was really fun to brag that I was on the Board of Directors (sounds so important). I mainly spend most of my time with my fiancé, friends and family. I’m also planning my elopement, reception and honeymoon for the summer of 2020. I guess you could say I’m slightly busy outside of work.

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