2021 New Employee Orientation Dates

Paige Buchanan, Recruitment Specialist 

new job marked on calendar

When recruiting and hiring new team members, it’s important to keep in mind the specified start dates outlined by Human Resources (HR). Each start date is on a New Employee Orientation (NEO) date and they align with payroll periods. Therefore, even if you have an employee transferring into your department, they should start on a NEO date. Vice president approval is required for an off-cycle hire date. 
Upcoming NEO Dates:  

  • Jan. 11 
  • Jan. 19 
  • Feb. 1 
  • Feb. 15 
  • Mar. 1 
  • Mar. 15 
  • Mar. 29 

View more NEO dates on The Hub. Email jobs@uco.edu if you have any questions.