Tech Corner: Reboot. Reset. Resume.

Authored by Stephanie Edwards,
Manager of Web Strategy and IT Communications

You perform better when you unplug for a while; so does your computer. While physically unplugging is not necessary, restarting at least once a week is recommended.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Restart Your Computer:

  1. Updates – Many updates require a reboot to complete. Rebooting on your schedule makes it less likely that a reboot will interrupt your workflow.
  2. Security – The purpose of many of the updates your computer receives is to protect it from new security threats.
  3. Performance – When rebooted, your computer carries out dozens of small processes that help it function efficiently.

Here’s what to do:

  1. When you leave for the day, save your work, close your applications, and log out of your computer.
  2. When you leave for the weekend, save your work, close your applications, and reboot your computer.

The Office of Information Technology recommends that you log out of your computer nightly and restart your computer at least once a week. It is better to not shut down your computer completely as software updates will occur in the back ground while you are away, saving you downtime. For more information and healthy computing tips contact the UCO Service Desk.

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