Benefits: Voya makes it easy

Article by Justine Kendall, Director of Benefits

Saving for retirement - a picture of a clock next to coins stacking up next to a glass jar labeled "Retirement"

Look, nobody likes saving money. Why would I want to save my money when I could eat tacos every night and buy all of the things that Target tells me I need to buy without worry? Quite unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works. Mildly put, it’s a bummer. If I ever want to retire, I have to save money. That’s where Voya Financial and the beauty of reoccurring contributions come in. With Voya’s expertise, UCO employees are able to control their Voya deductions without going to the Benefits or Payroll offices to do so. Saving for retirement is easier than ever. Employees can make changes to their 403b or 457 plans anytime, as often as they want. The easiest part? Enrollment or contribution changes can be done through your Paycom app or on your desktop browser of preference at

Employees can sign up for a 403b and/or 457b through Paycom at Set yourself  up for success by choosing a plan, a monthly percentage or flat amount, and promptly forget about it. And when Christmas dinner comes around and some overly sophisticated member of your family asks how you’re preparing for your future, remember that you set yourself up to not think about your retirement account unless you need to brag about it. You’re welcome.

Rebecca McGee, the university’s Voya representative, has guided UCO employees for many years on what retirement plan to choose, how much he or she should be saving per year and a smart plan for preparing for retirement without stressing out about it—she’s an excellent resource that costs\ nothing to access! UCO employees can contact Rebecca for one-on-one meetings at or 405-568-2889.

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