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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

COVID-19 Resources: COVID-19 Testing | Report Positive Test, Symptoms, or Direct Exposure | Vaccine Information | COVID-19 Website 

photo of Jeff King, Mark Walvoord, Camille Farrell, and Brenton Wimmer

Questions about Transformative Learning or STLR at UCO? Please contact us with questions or comments.

Outside audiences and general questions:


Faculty and Staff

Transformative Learning in your College/Division:

  • Dr. Marty Ludlum, TL Liaison, College of Business
  • Dr. Stephanie Canada-Phillips, TL Liaison, College of Education and Professional Studies
  • Dr. Barbara DeMaio, TL Liaison, College of Fine Art and Design
  • Dr. Sam Lawrence, TL Liaison, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Vicki Jackson, TL Liaison, College of Mathematics and Sciences
  • Cole Stanley, TL Liaison, Division of Enrollment and Student Success
  • Katrina Shaklee, TL Liaison, Division of Enrollment and Student Success
  • Dr. Mark McCoy, TL Liaison, Forensic Sciences Institute

Transformative Learning in a Particular Tenet:

Integrating STLR into Your Courses and Department Activities: