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Important Update:

Consistent with revised CDC guidance, vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are recommended to wear a mask when in public indoor spaces where COVID-19 virus transmission is considered substantial or high.

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photo of 3 students and a professor in a creek

The feed below lists the official STLR-tagged, out-of-class projects where students are working to gain experiences and skills across the UCO Central Six tenets. These may be STLR-funded (2014-2020 with certain criteria*), funded by other grants, or they may be voluntary.


*STLR-funded Project Student Expectations:

  • Hired student must be enrolled in, and maintain, at least 6 credit hours at UCO if domestic students, and 12 credit hours at UCO if international student. (For summer employment, student must be enrolled in at least 6 hours in summer or the following fall semester.)
  • Student may not work on campus more than 25 hours per week in fall/spring (20 hours for international students). During breaks and summer, student can work 35 hours total per week across all campus jobs.
  • Student must meet regularly with the project supervisor, but projects should remain student-driven.
  • Student must adhere to UCO employment requirements (fulfill job duties, represent UCO positively, follow the student code).
  • Student must upload one or more “artifacts” (to include at least a reflection on their learning related to one or more of the Central 6 tenets) to their project’s D2L course assignment folder before the end of employment, and student is encouraged to push this artifact, with supervisor assessment comments, to her/his D2L ePortfolio.
  • Student should acknowledge the UCO Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) as a funding agent in any presentation or publication of project accomplishments.

STLR-funded Project Faculty/Staff Supervisor Expectations:

  • Supervisors must be willing to take on this work/role in addition to any roles or responsibilities in their current job with no additional compensation (other than a one-time amount to complete STLR Training and their first project assessment).
  • The project supervisor’s department chair or supervisor must be informed and approve of their participation as a STLR TL Student Project supervisor.
  • Supervisors must be willing to receive six or more hours of training to assist them in their role. This will include STLR Training (2, 3-hour workshops, stipend available), D2L training (if needed), and the Payroll Department’s timekeeper training (if needed).
  • The project supervisors agrees to be the student’s direct timekeeper and/or approve their time cards in Paycom in a timely manner. If timekeeper training is needed, this must be completed before the student begins their project.
  • The supervisor will maintain a record of monies spent and must not surpass the amount awarded for salaries and supplies (where applicable).
  • Supervisor agrees to be the point of contact for the student(s) on the hiring, employment, supervision, and payroll processes. (The STLR office will provide the student employment links, pre-filled hiring form, and offer other support.)
  • Supervisor must mentor and guide the student(s) throughout the TL Project(s), while encouraging student independence and agency. This includes setting deadlines to ensure meeting project goals, giving feedback on progress, prompting for the final artifact(s), and encouraging their push of their artifacts/feedback to their D2L ePortfolios.
  • Supervisor is required to accurately assess one or more student “artifacts” from the project(s) using the STLR Rubric in D2L. This artifact must include, at minimum, the student’s reflection on growth in one or more of the Central 6 tenets.
  • Supervisor should acknowledge the UCO Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) as a funding agent in any presentation, advertising, or publication of project setup or accomplishments.