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See below for STLR Reports, Data, Publications & Presentations

STLR Reports and Data

By providing transformative learning experiences informed by high impact practices, STLR seeks to increase the academic success of students across campus and to empower students to be at the center of their own unique learning experience. One of the ways we seek to make evaluations and assessments of the STLR program is by conducting quantitative and qualitative research and by tracking academic achievement and retention across the campus. The following give some insights into our results:

STLR Publications

  • King, J. (in press). Assessing students in a transformative learning program. In B. L. Leaver, D. Davidson, & C. Campbell (Eds.). Transformation in foreign language education: Philosophy, praxis, and programs. Cambridge University Press.
  • Ehrmann, S. C. (2021). Pursuing quality, access, and affordability: a field guide to improving higher education. Stylus Publishing.
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  • Brunstein, J., Walvoord, M. E., & Cunliff, E. (2021). Problem-posing in management classrooms for collective sustainability transformation. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 22(3), 477-496.
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  • Wood, J., & Jobe, J. (2020). Short-term travel abroad to Uganda & Guatemala: A preliminary assessment of student transformative learning. Journal of Transformative Learning, 7(1), 81-93.
  • Walvoord, M. E. (2020). An online introductory biology syllabus for transformative learning. Article 87, In K. McMahon (Ed.), Advances in biology laboratory education, 41. Publication of the 41st Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).
  • Farrell, C. (2019). Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Displaying student success and work-readiness. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 22(2).
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  • Hynes, S., Pope, M., Loughlin, P., & Watkins, S. (2015). The Student transformative learning record at the University of Central Oklahoma: A commitment to improving student learning. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).
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STLR Presentations

National/International | TL Conference | Local/Regional


  • Davis, R., Hins-Turner, B., Leaser, D., King, J., Nyberg, D., & Shaw, C. Partners in Talent Development. IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit, 2019, Tempe, AZ.
  • Betz, D. Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Student Development for Employability, Citizenship, and Sustainability. International Association for University Presidents Leadership Development Program for New and Emerging Presidents, July 2019, Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Farrell, C. Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Displaying Student Success and Work-Readiness. Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 2019, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Farrell, C. Online Reflections: Moving Students from Basic Summaries towards Transformative Internalization. Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 2019 Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Mark at ABLE 2019Walvoord, M. Poster: An Online Introductory Biology Syllabus for Transformative Learning. Association for Biology Laboratory Educators annual conference, June 2019, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Booth, M. & King, J. A 21st Century Learning Paradigm: Transformative Learning, Professional Development, and Employability. Western Association of Schools and Colleges 2019 Academic Resource Conference, April 2019, Garden Grove, CA.
  • King, J. Operationalizing and Measuring Student Achievement of Institutional Outcomes. Watermark Webinar Series, May 2019.
  • King, J. The Transformative Scientist-Teacher: Broader Impacts in Society. Second International Scientific Conference (webinar), April 2019, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.
  • King, J. Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): UCO’s CLR. AACRAO/NASPA Comprehensive Learner Record Webinar Series, March 2019.
  • Haeger, H., Dong, W., Phillips, L., & King, J. New Strategies for Assessing the Impact of High-Impact Practices. Association of American Colleges & Universities Annual Conference, January 2019, Atlanta, GA.
  • King, J. Transformative Teaching and Learning. International Conference on Engaging Pedagogy, December 2018, Dublin, Ireland.
  • King, J. Student Transformative Learning Record. Civitas Learning Partner Workshop, November 2018, London, UK.
  • Fostering a Campus-Wide Community around Student Transformative Learning. Roundtable discussion with Jeff King, Camille Farrell, Mark Walvoord, and Brenton Wimmer. International Transformative Learning Conference, November 2018, New York, NY.
  • Wimmer, B., & Verschelden, C. (2018, October). Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Assessing and Documenting Beyond-Discipline Learning. Texas Association for Higher Education Assessment, October 2018, University of North Texas, Denton, TX.
  • Farrell, C. The Measurement of Student Transformative Learning at an Institutional Level. Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 2018, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • King, J. Raising Retention and Achievement (plus Employability): Compelling Success with STLR. 2018 Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference, April 2018, Chicago, IL.
  • King, J. Leveraging Impact Analysis to Optimize Student Outcomes. 2017 Educause Annual Conference, November 2, 2017, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Wimmer, B. Credentialing for Transformative Success: The Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). ePIC 2017: The 15th Conference on ePortfolios, Open Badges, Open Recognition, Identities, Trust, and Blockchains, October 26, 2017, Bologna, Italy.
  • King, J. Preparing Graduates for the 21st Century Workforce: Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). Collège La Cité Strategic Planning Board Meeting, October 26, 2017, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • King, J. Transformative Learning as the Double Whammy: U.S. Innovation Adopted Abroad. WCET 29th Annual Conference, October 25, 2017, Denver, CO.
  • Betz, D. STLR: The Presidential Perspective — Benefits for Retention, Student Success, Employer Pathways, Succession Planning, Campus Climate, CBE. 2017 AASCU Annual Meeting, October 21-25, 2017, La Jolla, CA.
  • King, J. Records of Assessed Learning Outside the Classroom. 2017 Assessment Institute, October 22-24, 2017, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Walvoord, M. & Jobe, J. Assessing Student Growth During Service Learning Study Abroad Experiences Using a Transformative Learning Framework. National Society for Experiential Education, September 27, 2017, St. Pete Beach, FL.
  • King, J. STLR: Badging & ePortfolio to Credential Beyond-Disciplinary Skills. Webinar presentation to the Open Recognition Alliance, August 30, 2017.
  • Betz, D. Student Transformative Learning Record: Better Teaching & Learning in the 21 st Century.  2017 Triennial Meeting of the International Association of University Presidents, July 2017, Vienna, Austria.
  • Shiraiwa, S. Re-establishing the Intellectual Control: African Art Project at the University of Central Oklahoma. Poster presented at the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries Annual Conference, June 22-25, 2017, Eugene, OR.
  • Kilbourne, C. STLR: Student Transformative Learning Record. Presentation and paper at the Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 20, 2017, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Kilbourne, C. Wagner Award for Innovation in Distance Learning Administration, sponsored by AliveTek. Recipient and presentation for STLR: Student Transformative Learning Record. Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 16, 2017, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Walvoord, M. Measuring Beyond-Biology Student Learning in a Biology Lab. Association for Biology Laboratory Education, June 16, 2017, Madison, WI.
  • Davis, J. Advocacy Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers in Early Childhood Education Courses. Poster presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Learning Institute, June 11, 2017, San Francisco, CA.
  • Verschelden, C. & Wimmer, B. Using a Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) to Increase Success Among Low-Income, First Generation, and Non-Majority Students. National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, May 31–June 3, 2017, Fort Worth, TX.
  • Vincent, C. & Franz, R. Tracking and Measuring the Outcomes of Service Learning: Implications for Student Engagement and Career Preparation. National Service Learning Conference 2017, March 24, 2017, Anaheim, CA.
  • Engelhard, M.E. & Limke-McLean, A. Crossing the (blue) line: Law enforcement experience and personality changes. Annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, January 2017, San Antonio, TX.
  • Walvoord, M. Evidence of Student Transformative Learning through a Campus-Wide Student Learning Record. International Transformative Learning Conference, October 22, 2016, Tacoma, WA.
  • Walvoord, M. & Hynes, S. Evaluation of Year One of an On-Campus Internship Program. National Society for Experiential Education conference, September 28, 2016, San Antonio, TX.
  • Walvoord, M. Measuring Student Transformative Learning in a Biology Lab. Poster presentation at the Association for Biology Laboratory Education conference, June 24, 2016, Houston, TX.
  • King, J. Campus-Wide Team Work to Make Data Human. Panel participation, Analytics Catalytics — Powerful Examples of Analytics Innovation. SXSWedu 2016, March 7–10, 2016, Austin, TX.
  • King, J. ePortfolios for Transformative Learning and Student Agency: Reflective, Powerful Presentation of Self. 2016 Western Regional Conference of The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL), February 29–March 1, 2016, Ft. Worth, TX.
  • Kilbourne, C. & Walvoord, M. Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Capturing Beyond-Discipline Learning In and Out of the Classroom. 34th Annual Research to Practice Conference in Adult and Higher Education, November 15–17, 2015, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • King, J. “Doing and Assessing” Institutional Outcomes: Schrӧdinger’s Cat in Pandora’s Box. 40th Annual POD Conference, November 5-8, 2015, San Francisco, CA.
  • King, J. Leading and Managing an Institution-Wide Conceptual and Operational Initiative in Competency-Based Education. 2015 University Leadership Summit, November 5–6, 2015, Miami, FL.
  • Watkins, S, King, J., & Hynes, S. Transformative Learning: An Integrative Approach to Student Success and Assessment. Webinar presented to EDUCAUSE Virtual Annual Conference, October 29, 2015.
  • Watkins, S. Transformative Learning: An Integrative Approach to Student Success and Assessment. Poster presentation at EDUCAUSE Face-to-Face Annual Conference, October 28, 2015, Anaheim, CA.
  • Frech, C. Cross-Campus Mentoring Model for Transformative Learning. Poster presented at the 8th Annual Mentoring Conference, October 20–23, 2015, University of New Mexico Faculty Mentoring Institute, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Walvoord, M., Harrison, S., & Hynes, S. Enhancing Experiential Learning Opportunities at a Metropolitan University and Recording the Resulting Transformative Learning for Student Employability. 44th National Society of Experiential Education annual conference, October 5–7, 2015, St. Pete Beach, FL.
  • Kilbourne, C. Recording Transformative Learning In and Out of the Classroom. University of West Georgia Distance Learning Administration Conference, June 28–July 1, 2015, Jekyll Island, GA.
  • Barthell, J., Wilson, G., Springer, M., & Kilbourne, C. Cutting-edge Approaches to Assessing Student Learning: Undergraduate Research and the Student Transformative Learning Record. Council on Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate Research Programs Conference, June 23–25, 2015, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
  • Heckenkemper, W., Springer, M., Tsotigh-Yarholar, C, & Walvoord, M. Fostering Collaboration Between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to Encourage Transformative Learning. Poster presented at the Council on Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate Research Program Director’s annual meeting, June 23–25, 2015, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
  • Hynes, S. & Vincent, C. Achieving True Reciprocity through Service Learning. 2015 ADP/TDC/NASPA Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Meeting, June 4–6, 2015, New Orleans, LA.
  • Pope, P., Hynes, S, Loughlin, P, & Watkins, S. The Student Transformative Learning Record: Navigating Student Learning Assessment with Innovation and Collaboration. 2015 NASPA Annual Conference, March 21–25, 2015, New Orleans, LA.
  • King, J. Bigger Learning: Curricular + Co-Curricular Learning = Transformative Education. 11th Annual Conference on Advancing Teaching and Learning, March 4, 2015, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.
  • Barthell, J., Pope, M., King, K., Verschelden, C., Hughes, C, & Wilson, G.Using a Transformative Learning Transcript to Assess High-Impact Practices. Higher Learning Commission annual conference, April 10–14, 2014, Chicago, IL.   **Best paper award in the Assessing and Improving Student Learning category
  • Cowan, S., Winters, R., & King, J. Teaching for Transformative Learning Across the Undergraduate Experience  (Paper). Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, February 5–7, 2014, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.
  • Betz, D. Transformative Learning at UCO. International Association of University Presidents meeting, January 30–February 2, 2014, University of Technology, Jamaica.

Transformative Learning Conference

Annual TL Conference hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma

March 14-15, 2019, Oklahoma City, OKPhoto of conference presenter beside projection screen

  • Planning, Creating, & Assessing Intentional TL in Co-Curricular, Informal Learning Spaces. Presentation by Camille M. Farrell.
  • Student Panel: Our Experiences in Transformative Learning Beyond the Classroom. Linda Harris, Susan Scott, Shi Qi Ting, Veronica Fuxa, Elizabeth Conner, Amber Scholl.
  • Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): Capturing TL In and Out-Of-Class. Presentation by Camille Farrell, Brenton Wimmer, Jeff King.
  • Center for Active Living & Learning: A Learning Laboratory. Presentation by Melissa Powers, Jacilyn Olson, Catherine Patrick, Marlee Maloy, Luis Larrauri.
  • Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science-Focused Undergraduate Research to Enhance Student Learning. Presentation by Nesreen Alsbou, Samual Lawrence.
  • Sustainability and the Process of Student Transformation: A Student-Led Discussion. Eric Hemphill.
  • What’s Transformative About Clinical Experiences. Presentation by Regenia James, Rachel Drake, Abigail Doss, Jacqueline Galier, Sydney Halsted.
  • Building Employability Skills Through On-Campus Internships. Presentation by Mark E. Walvoord
  • Programming Where the Student Is: Make an Impact Podcast. Presentation by Sarah Moore, Eric Hemphill.
  • Hispanic Success Initiative: Transformative Experiences Through Identity Development and High-Impact Practices Engagement. Presentation by Liliana R. Mendoza, Kristi Archuleta, Luis Montes, Guillermo Martinez-Sotelo, Maria Peruch, Erin Yusko.
  • Travel Abroad to Uganda & Guatemala: An Assessment of Student Transformative Learning. Presentation by John Wood.
  • Intimate Reflection and Critical Consciousness. Presentation by Kato Buss
  • Enhancing Student Engagement Through Marketing Outreach. Poster by Amanda Ables, Sundas Shahid, Spencer Lee, Ally Weides.
  • An Online Introductory Biology Syllabus for Transformative Learning. Poster by Mark E. Walvoord.

March 8-9, 2018, Oklahoma City, OK

  • Sustainability Education as Transformative Learning: A Student Panel. Eric Hemphill, Katrina Lacher, Mary Taylor Bixler, Devon Westbrook, Blake Taylor, Mariah Wilson.
  • STLR: Leveraging Impact Analysis to Optimize Student Outcomes in Transformative Learning. Presentation by Rob Robinson, Jill Parma, Jeff King.
  • DegreePlus, a “STLR” Quality Enhancement Plan. Presentation by Arthur Salido, Marti Newbold.
  • The Impact of the Code Okie Service-Learning Project on a Team of Undergraduate Student Teachers. Presentation by Myung Ah Park, Austin Cauley, Bill Fosam, Evan Kirzinger, Kendall Babb, Miranda Babb, Rashed Alrashed, Sila Tamang.
  • Pre-Service Teacher Professional Identity Development Through Campus Leadership. Presentation by Linda Harris, Susan Scott, Mikayla Nevills, Shi Qi Ting.
  • Tutors on the Move: Using Peer-Tutoring to Connect with ESL Students in the OKC Metro. Presentation by Angela Dawn Stephenson, Brian McKinney, Hunter Ford.
  • STLR: Insights Learned Using Critically Reflective Prompts to Assess TL. Presentation by Camille Farrell, Brenton Wimmer.
  • Reflections of a Fitness-Based Intergenerational Experience. Roundtable discussion with Catherine Patrick, Antonio Harris, Madison Kaiser.
  • Promoting Hispanic Family Involvement in Childern’s Education: An Undergraduate’s STLR Project. Roundtable discussion with Hilda Estrada, Susan Scott, Mark Maddy.
  • Collaboration between the UCO Nutrition Program and Athletics to Promote Healthy Habits in Student-Athletes. Poster by Patrick Limon, Tawni Holmes.

March 2, 2017, Oklahoma City, OKStudent explaining poster to two attendees

  • Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR): 2 Years of Successfully Measuring TL Activities. Presentation by Camille Kilbourne, Jeff King, and Brenton Wimmer.
  • Assessing transformation:  Faculty attitudes towards transformative learning assessment. Presentation by Alissa Crawford, Ben Heddy and John Chancey.
  • “Let’s Get on the Same Page:” Faculty Supporting Faculty to Promote Transformative Learning Programs. Presentation by Christy Vincent, David Macey, Michael Springer, Jarrett Jobe, and Rachelle Franz.
  • Guiding Students to Success: Designing Curriculum that use STLR Capstone Projects for Transformation. Interactive Session by Pamela Rollins, Barbara Arnold, Kathlynn Smith, and Nicole Hibshman.
  • C.J. is STLR. Interactive Session by Elizabeth Maier, Jaimie Burns, DeWade Langley, and Burle Steelman.
  • Changing Student Attitudes about the Environment Using Insects.  Roundtable session by Rebecca Williams and Mark Walvoord.
  • Critical Reflection: Impacts on Transformative Learning. Poster by Kenedie McAdams.
  • Hispanic Success Initiative (HSI) Student Posters. Posters by Kristi Archuleta’s students.

April 1, 2016, Oklahoma City, OK

  • The Process of Integrating Student Agency into ePortfolio Design. Presentation by Christy Vincent and Sharra Hynes.
  • Transformative Learning: What is It? How do We Capture It? Ho We Measure It at UCO. Presentation by Jeff King, Camille Kilbourne, and Mark Walvoord.
  • Student Transformative Learning Record: Melton Gallery Internship, Fall 2015-Spring 2016. Presentation by Shikoh Shiraiwa.

March 30-31, 2015, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Farrell, C., & McCormick, W. Including iValidate as an Essential Piece of Your Student Engagement Architecture. Transact Central-South Region Users’ Group Conference, October 2019. Norman, OK.
  • It’s Not My Job to Teach That! (Or Is It?): The “non-cognitive” amidst course content. Presentation by Jeff King to the 4th Annual Big 12 Teaching & Learning Conference, June 2017, Texas Tech University.
  • Creating, Implementing, and Assessing an Original Calculus Activity. Oral presentation by Beth Rawlins. Advisor: Kristi Karber. Oklahoma-Arkansas Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, April 7, 2017, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.
  • That Voodoo That You Do: Transformative Learning in Your Classrooms. Keynote Presentation by Jeff King. Oakland University’s 10th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference, May 18, 2016, Rochester, MI.
  • Operationalizing Transformative Learning: Installing Tools and Processes to ‘Do TL’ on Campus. Presentation by Jeff King. Oakland University’s 10th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference, May 18, 2016, Rochester, MI.
  • Using the Student Transformative Learning Record to Plan, Build, and Measure Transformative Learning. Presentation by Camille Kilbourne. College of Education Graduate Program in Adult and Higher Education’s Transformative Learning Course, Guest Instructor, September 23, 2015, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK.
  • The Student Transformative Learning Record. Presentation by Camille Kilbourne and Mark Walvoord. 16th Annual Collegium on College Teaching Practice, August 12, 2015, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK.
  • Assessing the Affective Impact of Undergraduate Research: UCO’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). Presentation by Jeff King, 6th Annual Promoting Undergraduate Research Conference, Sept. 17–18, 2015, Oklahoma City, OK.