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UCO students, if you’ve had learning experiences which you believe have expanded your perspectives in one of the UCO STLR tenets (below), but the experiences weren’t STLR-tagged, were a compilation of multiple experiences, and/or were not provided by UCO, you can meet with a Transformative Learning evaluator during a Student Individual Reflection Appointment (SIRA) to talk about your experiences and potentially earn STLR credit.

Student Transformative Learning Record's five tenets, GCC, Health, LEAD, RCSA, and SLCE

These free appointments to assess your STLR growth are conducted as a 50-minute interview, designed to help you describe your experiences in a non-threatening atmosphere. The results from your assessment will be submitted to UCO’s STLR office to be added to your STLR Snapshot ( The STLR Snapshot is like a second transcript that displays your transformative learning experiences.

Booking an Appointment

Screenshot of MS Bookings page to book a Student Individual Reflection Appointment


  1. Login to the Microsoft Bookings link with your UCO credentials.
  2. Select an available date & time (and evaluator, if desired).
  3. Add your name and contact information details.
  4. Answer the questions listed under “Provide additional information.”
  5. Click the “Book” button to complete your request and receive a confirmation email with date, time, and online location.

Meet the Evaluators

  • Camille Farrell, MEd Adult Education – Training and Development; Assistant Director, UCO STLR
  • Rachelle Franz, EdD; Associate Professor, UCO Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • Vicki Jackson, PhD Ecology; Associate Professor, UCO Biology
  • Saheli Nath, PhD Management & Organizations and Sociology; Assistant Professor, UCO Management
  • Linh Pham, PhD Economics; Assistant Professor, UCO Economics
  • Michael Springer, PhD History; Director, UCO Office of High-Impact Practices; Professor, UCO History & Geography
  • Christy Vincent, PhD Communication; Professor, UCO Mass Communications
  • Mark Walvoord, MS Zoology; Assistant Director, UCO STLR
  • Brenton Wimmer, PhD Education; Assistant Director, UCO Transformative Learning Assessment

SIRA History

Photo of Charles Gosset

The STLR office thanks Charles Gosset, certified Life Purpose Coach (ACC) and founder of a company called Full Integration Coaching in central Oklahoma, who piloted these “SIRAs” during the 2019-2020 academic year. In his words, “I believe UCO’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) program has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn, work, live, and play in the world – and who we become along the way. That’s why I’m so passionate about providing opportunities for UCO students to reflect on their transformative learning experiences.”