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This section of the STLR website includes all our lists, contact information, reports, and details about Student Individual Reflection Appointments.

STLR Tagged Activities Lists

STLR Events feed

View a feed of STLR-tagged events

STLR Assignments list

View a list of STLR-tagged class assignments

STLR Student Groups list

View a list of STLR-tagged student groups

STLR Student Projects list

View a list of STLR Projects (out-of-class student projects)

STLR Locations list

See a list of STLR-tagged locations to visit

STLR Virtual content

STLR content that is available online

STLR Individual Reflection Appointments

Students can set an appointment to reflect on transformative experiences for STLR credit

How to STLR-tag

STLR-trained faculty and staff can click here to learn more about STLR-tagging their activities.

STLR Contact Lists

STLR-Trained UCO faculty and staff list

See a list of all STLR-trained faculty and staff at UCO

Transformative Learning Contacts

STLR office staff, Transformative Learning Liaisons, and STLR Ambassador contacts

STLR Results

STLR Impacts

View STLR analytics, publications and presentations

STLR News & Awards

View STLR awards, press releases and blog posts