Wells Knows Non-Profits

[by STLR office staff, reposted from the Fall 2018 STLR Newsletter]

photo of Olivia WellsOlivia Wells is a senior graduating in May 2019 with a degree in theater performance and hopes to finish her degree in political science after she graduates. Olivia has worked with STLR all four years of her undergrad and recently finished a project this past August.

Olivia worked with Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits helping create a non-profit sector report for Oklahoma. The state Oklahoma has never had a sector report, mostly major non-profits sectors like Chicago and New York have sector reports. Olivia helped Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits find data from other states, looking at how their non-profits are working for their communities and seeing how it can help Oklahoma’s communities. She also created a survey for those out of state non-profits asking what communities they are serving and what resources do they offer. She then figured out a way to get collect that data for Oklahoma. Non-profit sectors reports give information on why non-profits are important and what they are doing for the local community.

One of the main things she has to research was food insecurity which is the state’s access to food. Oklahoma is number one in the nation for food insecurity for juveniles. She worked with Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits to create this report to make sure local legislators will continue to fund non-profits.

Olivia encourages students to participate in STLR. Olivia appreciates the experience she gained from STLR working with a non-profit organization as she plans to work with other non-profits after she graduates. She believes that every student can benefit from STLR because of all the opportunities STLR offers for students.

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