The Medieval Society

photo of UCO's Trebuchet[reposted from the Fall 2019 STLR Student Newsletter; written by Ally Weides]

The Medieval Society at UCO works to understand and recreate the culture and society of the middle ages. They have been on our campus since 1993 and started out under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Law. However, for the last two years, the Medieval Society has been advised by Dr. Reid Weber.

Dr. Weber has had a lot to learn in the last two years and has jumped into the task head first. “It’s such a unique way to interact with students. It makes the classroom come alive,” Dr. Weber said.

The Medieval Society is a form of experimental archeology, or learning about a time by recreating it. And recreate it they have. Throughout the group’s history, they have attended three reenactments in England. They also have built a Trebuchet, a massive medieval siege weapon, which they typically set up on campus at least once a year. This group has also built shields and shoes, and have attended the Medieval Fair of Norman for nineteen years of their existence.

photo of Dr. Weber and student in sword fight

This group is STLR-tagged in Global & Cultural Competencies; Leadership; and Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities. They provide ample opportunity for STLR exposure credit by just attending their general events. The more involved credit can come from reflections on projects and being involved in the executive roles of the group.

For their next appearance at the Medieval Fair in Norman, they plan on having a “Silk Road” theme. They are also hoping to raise silkworms in order to spin silk into yarn for the event. Spices and plants will also play a role in next year’s fair, and they will also have manuscript illuminating.

The Medieval Society is a very involved group, set on building education and an appreciation of a time that is often misunderstood by the general public. If you’re interested in getting involved, find them on Instagram at @medievaluco.

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