Swipe for STLR Credit at these new fall 2022 locations

n fall 2022, STLR has added 3 new locations for you to gain credit, have you visited them?

 Broncho Bites:

Bronchos, we would like to introduce you to the Broncho Bites program. What is Bronchos Bites you may ask? Broncho Bites is a new food recovery program, just kicked off on October 24, 2022, that is meant to reduce food waste on campus. Any food that is left over from Ayers Kitchen, Central’s main dining facility, is being repackaged and rerouted to the Broncho Bites refrigerator located outside the Central Pantry, Nigh University room 151

This program is a project of the Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative, and is being funded by Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. All UCO students, faculty, and staff can pick up a meal in compostable packaging to take with them on the move. Students can swipe their UCO ID at the refrigerator to get STLR credit in the Health & Wellness tenet.

Unclaimed meals are placed in a compost bin provided by Fertile Ground Coop, right outside the Pantry at the NUC docks. The campus community can also drop off their food waste with this new service.

To learn more about Broncho Bites, volunteer to pack food, or sign up for alerts when food is available, visit https://go.uco.edu/bronchobites.

Wellness Collective:

On the ground floor of the Wellness Center, room 105, is the UCO Wellness Collective — a collaborative wellness space that offers a range of services, including access to the satellite Central food Pantry, case management, counseling services, and nutrition counseling. There are also offices for personal trainers, on-campus specialists, and health center membership agents. Students can relax and unwind in the Collective lobby’s comfy furnishings and cutting-edge massage chair.

Students who visit the Collective can check in at the front desk and swipe their ID to receive STLR Health & Wellness credit. For information about services and hours, visit the Collective’s webpage.

Athletic Academic Center:

At the Athletic Academic Center, located in the Sports Performance Center building athletes train hard to overcome many obstacles and get better at what they do best. Students can swipe their UCO ID at Athletic Academic Center to get STLR credit in the Health & Wellness tenet.


  1. It seems to be advertising places where you can get STLR credit, but it’s not clear what STLR credit is. In addition, there are several grammatical errors throughout the article.

    • Thanks for your interest in STLR! This blog is a supplement to our main information found at stlr.uco.edu. You’ll find all the info you need about STLR there (as well as a quick introduction at the top of our blog landing page at blogs.uco.edu/stlr-newsletter. Hope that helps!

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