STLR Short Film Premiere

Kyle Tangco, senior Mass Communications major, may not have realized what he was getting himself into when his professor, Mark Scott, asked him to start working on a STLR-funded project called, “STLR Short Film.”  Nonetheless, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this project, from start to Photo of UCO student filming interview with an area employerfinish!  Through conversations with the client (the STLR office), the Mass Communications team determined this short film would need to be a hybrid of a documentary and corporate-style film — telling the history of Transformative Learning at UCO, the impacts of STLR on UCO students, and the exciting spread of STLR to other university campuses worldwide.

In Kyle’s own words:

“Our project team interviewed 16 people for this documentary, ranging from students, staff, workforce professionals and members of the university’s administration. It was a tedious process to edit in the right quotes that would hook viewers on the impact of transformative learning in UCO. But after months of editing, our team finally created a story that will reach those who are interested in seizing the opportunities that STLR offers.”

Despite these challenges, there were some rewarding aspects as well. Kyle really enjoyed going to, “…multiple locations to shoot b-roll and interviews. I had the opportunity to get involved in multiple STLR-tagged events as a result of my involvement in this project, which enhanced my transformative learning experience in the process.”

In fact, it was not just a great experience for Kyle, but for his supervisor, the STLR team, and other students, like UCO graduate, Breck McGough, who scored the film.

More than a degree: UCO’s Student Transformative Learning Record” is set to premiere online August 27, 2020 at 2:00pm (run-time ~18 minutes) for the UCO and OKC metropolitan area audience, then have an international premiere at a later fall date, yet to be determined. View the film trailer and get details on the premieres at


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