STLR Scholarship for STEM Students

For the inaugural year of our STLR Scholarships, we decided to focus on underrepresented students in STEM. What a joy it was to read over all the applicant statements where they revealed their struggles as underrepresented students but also their passion for each of the scientific fields they were pursuing.

photo of studentFatima Alconz, a UCO biology student, was one of the winners for the fall 2022 semester. She said, “This scholarship will give me the opportunity to follow my dreams and goals in my career life. I cannot believe that little girl studying in the poorest areas of her country will be here now being able to attend college because of your contribution. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue higher education.”

photo of studentAnother awardee for the fall 2022 semester, Nestor Bravo, mentioned, “I’ve learned that I am not alone as a minority in this field [engineering] and there are others who want to see me succeed in my educational goals! Thank you for your contribution to my education.”

Our third and final awardee is a first-generation student from southeast Oklahoma studying to become a digital forensics examiner and mentions that this scholarship will allow them to “shake off some of the financial obstacles from my shoulders.”

The STLR Endowed Scholarships are funded through interest earned from the Student Transformative Learning Endowment held at the UCO Foundation. Organizations and individuals can contribute to this fund to support future transformative learning experiences for our diverse student population. The next scholarship cycle will open in February 2023 to be awarded for the fall 2023 semester.



  1. It’s great to see such amazing students recognized and awarded with this scholarship!

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