STLR Grows in Ireland

In the same way that STLR grew at the University of Central Oklahoma through collaboration across campus units, we have continued to be thrilled at the opportunities to collaborate with colleagues around the world. One of the most fruitful interactions to date has been our interactions with Technological University Dublin (TUD), in Blanchardstown, Ireland. After learning about UCO’s STLR program in 2017-2018, visiting our campus in May 2018, and inviting us over to Ireland in December 2018 to help train them, they kicked-off STLR in January 2019 with their Business students.

You can read about all that excitement and history in a previous post (July 2019). But, it doesn’t stop there! Our two campuses have continued to collaborate and support each other.

The result? Continued growth and success for both STLR programs. Have a listen below to Sandra Thompson, one of the “STLR Champions” at TUD-Blanchardstown, with exciting updates and news.  She relates, “We have one lecturer that said…the feedback she got from the students’ [STLR] experience was so much more rewarding than any other year.” The interviewer, recent graduate and Sports Development Intern, Daniel O’Donovan, also conveys about STLR, “It’s fun. It’s things [activities] that you would go to anyway…and now you’re getting recognition for it!”


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