Standing out in the Heartland

We recently heard from one of our STLR Employer Advisory Board members, Alix Orza, about how UCO students and graduates can stand out in the job market. She works for Heartland Payment Systems as the Director of Human Resources, so had some great advice!

Heartland delivers credit, debit, prepaid card processing, payroll and payment solutions to more than 300,000 businesses and educational institutions nationwide. Never veering from their convictions, Heartland has led the industry in transparency, integrity and security.

LinkedIn photo of Alix Orza

April Jolley, STLR Communications Assistant: What are two interesting facts about yourself?

Alix Orza: I am an art lover at heart. I both appreciate and dabble in drawing. I’m trying to learn sign language. 

April: Why are you passionate about recruiting college students and/or why did you choose to serve on the STLR Employer Advisory board?

Alix: I have been lucky to have had great mentors and helpers along my professional journey and would love to do the same for other students. 

April: What 3-5 traits do you look for in potential hires?

Alix: A true interest in the field. Transparency and ability to articulate their strengths and weaknesses. Thoughtfulness and preparation for the interview and the position. 

 April: What advice would you give to students as they prepare to enter the job market?

Alix: Don’t underestimate the power of jobs (on and off campus) or positions (whether paid or volunteered) that helped you through your college years. These show dedication, hard work and interest. 

April: Do you have any advice for underclassmen just starting their college careers?

Alix: Same as above honestly. I think the jobs or positions you hold outside of your normal coursework sets people apart from others. 

April: Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with us?

Alix: Keep track of your accomplishments, experiences, work or positions held throughout your college career. [Note from STLR: The STLR Snapshot is a great way to track many of these!] It WILL help you build a healthier resume when the time comes. 


You can connect with Alix on LinkedIn at, and you can learn more about your STLR Snapshot at

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