Stand Out to a Tax Commissioner

We recently sat down with Clark Jolley, Oklahoma Tax Commissioner, to discuss what it takes for a UCO student to stand out to him, and other state agencies, as a work-ready employee. He had some great advice, so view the video below for the full interview (it’s only 6-minutes and could really help you out!).

Here are a couple excerpts:

“One of the things that I would tell students that are wanting to apply for a job, not just at the Tax Commission,but with any type of state government agency is, is you need to show how you set yourself apart from your peers….did you just go to class and just tick the check marks to get a degree, or did you do something over-and-above, being engaged in campus

“One of the things about STLR is, it shows initiative. It shows that you have the initiative to try to improve on what you’re getting in the collegiate experience, and that you’re trying to do more.”

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