Mentorship and Networking for Future Career Success

Good Shepherd Hospice logo This week, we visited with another of our STLR Employer Advisory Board members, Rhae Lynn Hyde, and got her take on how UCO students and graduates can tackle the job market! Rhae Lynn is the Corporate Recruiter for Good Shepherd Hospice.

Good Shepherd Hospice is a leading provider of hospice care with a clear vision for our future, strong leadership to guide them and great opportunities for all current and future employees. They opened their first office in Oklahoma City in 1995 and today have a regional presence serving Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Along the way, they’ve touched the lives of more than 20,000 patients and shepherded 50,000+ family members through their time of need, offering bereavement support for as long as they desired it.

April Jolley, STLR Communications Assistant: What are two interesting facts about yourself?

Rhae Lynn Hyde: I am a first-generation college graduate. CrossFit is my hobby- for the exercise – not for competition!

April: Why are you passionate about recruiting college students and/or why did you choose to serve on the STLR Employer Advisory board?

Rhae Lynn: College/University recruitment has always been something I have enjoyed because the search for your first real world job can be the most exciting, yet scary time in your career. The resources and guidance that the STLR program offers today provides a platform that allows graduates to prepare and hone their skills to enter today’s workforce.

April: What 3-5 traits do you look for in potential hires?

Rhae Lynn: Integrity; team player; and humility

 April: What advice would you give to students as they prepare to enter the job market?

Rhae Lynn: Find a mentor if you are able. It doesn’t have to be someone that is in your same field/line of work, but someone whom you admire and go to for guidance and advice. Whether it’s a professor, family member or acquaintance. I did not have a true mentor until I was further along in my career and thinking back, I think it would’ve been so helpful during my early years.

April: Do you have any advice for underclassmen just starting their college careers?

Rhae Lynn: As you begin to research companies for future employment, look into their mission statement and values. If it resonates with your personal beliefs and values, try to network/connect with that company and employees in your department of interest. Follow them on LinkedIn if you have a profile so you can keep up with any changes in their market.

April: Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with us?

Rhae Lynn: Networking and relationship building is key! It can be really intimidating when you are first starting out, but the more you are out and begin meeting some of the same people over and over the easier it will become. Go to as many Career Fairs/University or Community sponsored events as you can. Most every company in different industries have a social media presence, so if you aren’t sure how to begin check in with them online to see what they are doing in your community. Someone you connect with tomorrow may look to recruit you years later.

You can connect with Rhae Lynn on LinkedIn at, and you can learn more about STLR at

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