Embracing Experiences and Differences

by Maiana Wise – 

One of our STLR students, April, recently met – socially distant – with AJ Griffin, the Director of Government & Community Affairs for Paycom. Griffin approached the topic of UCO students preparing to step into any field for employment with thorough and sound advice.

“We need individuals that … are really aware of their own individual Health and Wellness. If you have an underlying health issue that you haven’t addressed, now’s the time to do that while you’re a student. Because that’s really what’s going to cause you to have challenges when you get into the workplace.”

Griffin heavily emphasized the importance of taking care of oneself before entering the workforce. Through the remainder of the interview, she encouraged the practice of individual and collaborative keys to success.

“It’s not about being the smartest person in the room all the time; it is about being the person who is smart enough to speak up, but humble enough to really embrace the changes that need to happen with any team.”

She went on to tell students to take advantage of varied experiences now, to help them get ahead in the corporate world.

“Having the whole concept when you go to work that you are going to be a team player is extremely important. As a student, embrace every single opportunity to learn about other religions and cultures, and to have experiences that you didn’t grow up with, and to do things that are new and exciting. Those are going to be the things that help you get ahead in the corporate world.”

Her advice came to a strong conclusion as she promoted the multiple STLR tenets of Health & Wellness, Global & Cultural Competencies and Leadership. View AJ Griffin’s informative interview below to hear all of her advice on how to start preparing for your next job, today.

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