Creation through Innovation at the UCO Library

by Sanam Bhakta and Mark Walvoord — 

The UCO Library’s Innovation Studio is available for free to all current UCO students, staff, and faculty, and it offers 3D printing, a recording studio, virtual reality, Circuit cutting, large format printing, robotics, and equipment checkout. It is the newest STLR Location, and it exists on the first floor of the UCO Chamber’s Library to enhance your campus educational experience, especially in the UCO tenet of Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities. The only charges are for the large format poster printing, laminating, and binding.

Kirsten Davis, supervisor of the studio, says that it, “provides access to emerging technologies, which many students find fun and interesting; thus, encouraging them to learn the new equipment, expanding their knowledge and allowing them to be creative in completing assignments or personal objectives. This expanding of knowledge combined with creativity can also spark new ideas and the creation of new knowledge.”

Wide photo shot of the UCO library's Innovation StudioWhile some pieces of equipment may exist elsewhere on campus, the innovation studio is for all disciplines and usually has expanded access hours above what individual departments are offering with their equipment. “It’s a space where we all learn together. When we purchase new pieces of technology we have to learn how to use them and then help students to learn about the technology,” says Davis. In some cases, UCO students and the studio’s student workers actual jump in to teach studio staff about the new technology!

Now for the real question, how does the studio relate back to STLR’s tenet of Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities? Davis answers, “The studio exposes students to new ideas and technologies, which provides a basis for a transformative learning experience.  As faculty learn more about the studio, we have more and more creative assignments or…extra credit for not just using the studio, but reflecting on that use in some way, which gets the students one step closer to a transformative learning experience.” Visitors to the studio can swipe their student ID card for STLR exposure-level credit.

The studio is available to everyone, and you don’t need to come in with prior knowledge. The staff will help you build the skills you need to use the equipment. You can learn more about their hours, specific technology available, and can make appointments at their website: Also, check out the Student Transformative Learning Record homepage at for other STLR locations and activities – because college is about more than a degree.

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