COVID-19 Can’t Stop STLR: Events Move Online

[by Mark Walvoord]

The Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) exists to encourage, and track the impact of, UCO students’ growth across UCO’s Central 6 Tenets. The most widespread STLR credit is gained through students attending STLR Events, and swiping their UCO ID card. In fact, since 2015 when STLR rolled out at UCO’s campus, through September 2019, we’ve logged over 52,500 swipes across 874 events! Wow!!

So, if you think a tiny little virus is going to stop STLR from helping meet UCO’s mission of “providing transformative educational experiences,” you wrong! Our partners across campus have continued to STLR-tag their activities, which are now live, online events, or other online content that you can visit on your own schedule.  Just as always, you can find out about these events on our STLR-Tagged Activities pages, by following us on social media, and through the host department’s own advertising.

screenshot of Dr. Provencio's sustainability keynote, 2020, on youtube

Just to name a few: The International House had Instagram Live events each weekday; The Office of Sustainability released Student Sustainability Summit Keynote talks and “Staying Green in Quarantine” student-produced videos; and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion offered several sessions to help students navigate this difficult time.  For most, you can attend,  or watch the content, then fill out a self-declaration survey afterwards. The host of the event will then manually assign you STLR credit a few days later. It’s like a “virtual ID swipe” for attending the event.

Don’t let this “new normal” keep you from engaging in campus life and growing. UCO exists for you, Bronchos.

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