Changing the ConversAsian

[by Amanda Ables]

Meet Amanda Siew, a transfer student to UCO from Malaysia, majoring in Professional Media with a minor in Public Relations. She is an active member in both the Malaysian Student Association and the International Student Association. Amanda has been a STLR student in more ways than one with her STLR-funded projects that focus on keeping students educated and informed.

“Creating new Engagement through New Media” is one of her STLR projects with UCentral News. Amanda creates and designs content for all UCentral social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Her main goal is to keep students updated on events, as the news occurs, and one result is her own growth in the Global & Cultural Competencies, and Research, Creative, & Scholarly Activities tenets.Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) logo with the Global and Research tenet icons

Amanda expressed, “Some workdays are jam packed with 4-7 post a day and some days are lighter on posts, depending on the news day.”

Another project Amanda has worked on is “A ConversAsian: YouTube Channel Exploring Asian Culture.” This one aims to educate people on Asian cultures and diversity. The YouTube channel gives students the space to ask questions without being scared. The channel touches on Intercultural Relationships and Asian Stereotypes.

Beyond her great work at UCO, Amanda has also received media attention for documentation of her experience of traveling during a pandemic and her mandatory 14-day quarantine period once she landed in Malaysia. Check out her story here:

STLR is proud to partner with professors Desiree Hill and Mark Scott, project supervisors, in providing these transformative experiences to Amanda Siew.

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