Better Black News with Jillian Whitaker

STLR Assistant Director, Camille Farrell, sat down with Jillian Whitaker, UCO graduate and creator of Better Black News, to listen and hear directly from the perspective of a Person of Color about the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice. For students of Color, Jillian shares words of encouragement. For our students and colleagues not-of-Color, if you’ve posted “I’m listening or I hear you,” you can take action by watching and hearing Jillian’s experiences.

Normally the STLR office approves STLR credit for all the other offices on campus offering opportunities like this, but this video is a STLR-tagged opportunity that was directly produced and offered from our very own STLR office!  Watch the video below or on YouTube, then fill out this form to claim your STLR credit.

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