Anindita’s Myriad Projects

[by Ally Weides, re-posted from the Fall 2019 STLR Newsletter]

STLR student researcher, Anindita Das, has taken part in a myriad of projects during her time here at UCO. Graduating in December with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Anindita is the perfect example of a STLR student.

Anindita has taken part in at least six different research projects, working on three STLR-funded ones within the last year alone. As you might guess, her STLR growth has focused on the tenet of Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities (RCSA). In spring 2019, she contributed to a group of students who essentially put together a study guide for Engineering students preparing for their final exams.

photo of Dr. Khandaker's research studentsSummer 2019 was an interesting one for Anindita as well. She took part in a research project that required her to help create nanofiber samples for biology research purposes.

This semester, she is working on adapting Wi-Fi related technology to wirelessly control electronics that are being developed here at UCO.

When discussing her research here on campus Anindita said, “You have to be able to think outside the box.” According to Anindita, one way she has been able to successfully work on her research is the ability to adapt from one plan of action to another. Anindita has worked under the guidance of professors like Dr. Morshed Khandaker and Dr. Robi Hossan. These professors help facilitate the research taking place, and present students like Anindita with problems to be solved.

Anindita is an international student, coming from India to study engineering at UCO at the beginning of her freshman year. Following graduation, Anindita is hoping to pursue her PhD, and continue along the lines of some of the STLR-funded research she has done at UCO.

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