A STLR Push to Creativity and Trying New Things

[reposted from the Fall 2019 STLR Student Newsletter; written by Ally Weides]

Over roughly the last year, I have had the pleasure of working as a STLR Student Communications Assistant. This position has opened my eyes to a lot of different things about my future career, but also my time here as a Broncho. Before STLR, I wasn’t as involved in what was happening on campus. Like the majority of Bronchos, I am a commuter, and I spent little time on campus outside of the classroom.

STLR changed that for me.

I began to work in an environment that was consistently changing. There were different class talks to attend, and a tabling to make it to, and social media to manage. These were all parts of what made up my job. With my most favorite being social media management. This job kept me on my toes, and pushed me to be more creative and try new things. It also helped to solidify my thinking that it’s important to make a difference in the world around you. To constantly be trying to make things better, and connect with people outside your immediate circle.

College really is more than just a degree, and STLR helps you grow beyond that mindset. It’s important to make good grades and do well in school, but it’s just as important to change and grow and work to be a better person. Not just to get a great job, but to be a good person for the sake of being one. I am so grateful to STLR for the opportunities that have been given to me.

I look forward to the future, and to seeing all the STLR students at UCO that will follow me.

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