UCO Staff Senate

2019-2020 Staff Senate

The UCO Staff Senate was created in spring 2014 to represent the staff that work at UCO. The areas that make up the staff senate include: Academic Affairs, Administration, Enrollment & Student Success, Finance & Operations, Information Technology, Athletics, Foundation/Alumni, President’s Office, Legal, and Leadership/University Relations.


Recognizing the value of involving staff as the University progresses toward the accomplishment of its goals and solution of its problems, the staff, faculty and administration established the University of Central Oklahoma Staff Senate. The Staff Senate is the body elected to represent the University of Central Oklahoma staff. The Human Resources department will serve as the Staff Senate sponsor and liaison.

The Staff Senate wants and encourages you to address concerns and issues facing the university and staff. Please email a senator from your division, or Staff Senate President Scott DeBoard.

What’s New?

For an up-to-date look at what Staff Senate is doing, click on “Bills, Proposals, and Resolutions.”

Staff Senate Spring 2019 Newsletter


The 2020 Staff Senate elections have concluded.  Congratulations to the following newly-elected senators: Rachel Baugh, Tracey Romano, Shelley Selanders, Brenton Wimmer, Tami Jackson (Academic Affairs); Ian Huff, Dawn Kaiser (Finance & Operations); Sydney Richardson (Mixed Divisions); Sarah-Kate Hudson, Liz Tabak, Lacey Taylor (Enrollment & Student Success); Nadeeka G.J.siriwardana, Adriana Edwards-Johnson (IT); and Michelle Johnson (Faculty Representative).

Nominations for the next Staff Senate election will commence in March of 2021.