Value of a College Degree Playing Out in Oklahoma Economy, Workforce (The Record Journal)

An annual report from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education shows the state’s public colleges and universities conferred 37,149 degrees in 2020-21. Nearly half were bachelor’s degrees.

That number won’t support the state’s current and future workforce needs in high-demand occupations like health care, teaching, engineering and computer science, according to higher education Chancellor Allison Garrett.

“Higher education is critical to building Oklahoma’s economy and workforce,” Garrett said.

“More than half of Oklahoma’s top 100 critical occupations identified by Oklahoma Works as critical to economic growth and wealth generation in the state – and all of the top 29 highest paying jobs – will require an associate degree or higher by 2030,” she said. “Additionally, 8 of the top 10 critical occupations with the highest growth will require an associate degree or higher.”

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