Day: August 9, 2022

McCall Approves all Interim Study Requests (Quorum Call News)

McCall approves all interim study requests

(QC) House Speaker Charles McCall announced Friday he had approved all his members’ interim study requests.

The 82 study requests approved by McCall, R-Atoka, include eight proposed joint studies with senators:

• IS H22-002, Oklahoma Rural Development Through Industrial Hemp (cannabis) Production, requested by Rep. David Smith, R-McAlester; Rep. Scott Fetgatter, R-Okmulgee; Rep. Danny Williams, R-Seminole; Rep. John Waldron, D-Tulsa; Rep. Andy Fugate, D-Oklahoma City; Rep. Trish Ranson, D-Stillwater; Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro; Rep. Roland Pederson, R-Burlington; and Sen. Jo Anna Dossett, D-Tulsa. The study was assigned to the House Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled Substances Committee.

• IS H22-013, Open Meeting Act, requested by Rep. Daniel Pae, R-Lawton; Fugate; and Sen. Brent Howard, R-Altus. The study was assigned to the House Government Modernization Committee.

• IS H22-022, Impact of sex education in schools and the sexualization of minors, requested by Williams; Rep. Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle; and Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant. The study was assigned to the House Common Education Committee.

• IS H22-030, Reduce and Eliminate Personal Income Tax, requested by Rep. Mark Lepak, R-Claremore. The study was assigned to the House Appropriations and Budget Committee.

• IS H22-035, Public Infrastructure Districts (PIDS), requested by Rep. Terry O’Donnell, R-Catoosa; and Sen. John Haste, R-Broken Arrow. The study was assigned to the House Business and Commerce Committee.

• IS H22-037, Review funding for Oklahoma court system focusing on district courts, requested by Williams and Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Roger Thompson. The study was assigned to the House Appropriations and Budget Committee.

• IS H22-047, Quality of life for women in Oklahoma, requested by Rep. Cynthia Roe, R-Lindsay; and Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan. The study was assigned to the House Public Health Committee. Garvin also received approval for IS S22-012, Making Oklahoma a Top Ten state for women, which was assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. [Editor’s Note; See related story, Interim study to focus on making Oklahoma a ‘Top 10 State’ for women]

• IS H22-056, Talent Attraction in Economic Development, requested by Rep. Nicole Miller, R-Edmond, and Garvin.

McCall said House committees will begin scheduling studies between August and November. Some similar studies may be combined at a later date, he added.

Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat approved 41 of his members’ 60 interim study requests.

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UCO Receives Supercomputer Donation from Tinker Air Force Base

UCO Receives Supercomputer Donation from Tinker Air Force Base

The University of Central Oklahoma College of Mathematics and Science, in coordination with Tinker Air Force Base (TAFB), is set to receive a Haise Supercomputer cluster through an Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA).

With the use of thePicture of Representatives from UCO and Tinker Air Force Base Haise Supercomputer cluster, TAFB has been able to advance the art of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and cluster computing, which is a set of computers that work together and can be viewed as a single system.

The new supercomputer will be incorporated with UCO’s existing supercomputer cluster, known as Buddy, to expand computing capabilities for research and education across science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This includes engineering simulations, data science and artificial intelligence research, genomics and assisting the development of a new platform called Computing Oklahoma – a Python Platform for Education and Research (COPPER)

Read more about the Supercomputer here.

UCO Earns ‘Military Friendly’ Gold Designation

UCO Earns ‘Military Friendly’ Gold Designation

The University of Central Oklahoma has received national recognition for its commitment to military-connected students, according to Viqtory Media’s just-released 2022-23 Military Friendly Schools list. Central was named a gold-level Military Friendly School in the category of public universities with more than 10,000 students.

Military Friendly School Institutions earning this designation are evaluated based on academics, student retention, campus resources, flexibility, graduation rates, tuition assistance and job placement for military-connected students.

Read more here.

To view the complete list of 2022-23 Military Friendly School recipients, visit