Meet the Co-Conference Director

Hi, my name is Meaghan Hatch, and I am one of the conference directors planning the Breaking the Barriers Media Conference.

As a conference director, my job is to plan, document and oversee the planning of our conference. I work closely with other directors to make sure each person is on track in their individual jobs.

I have been involved in planning . . .  read more


by: Kyle Factor

When you think of a great workout, you may think it has to be done formally in a gym. on the treadmill, weight training, or doing yoga or aerobic fitness classes. One type of recreational activity that may not have grabbed your attention is cycling. Getting out there on your bike and taking a ride can have a lot of positive effects . . .  read more

Take a Hike!

by: Evan Small


Gym Memberships. These two words are known for making muscles, bank accounts and schedules sore. Although mostly seen as a convenient resource for exercise, other FREE alternatives for even high volume exercise are often overlooked. Summer is fast approaching and with vacations often centered . . .  read more

Teaching and Books

Book discussion group in CTL 200

Written by Cheryl Frech, Ph.D., Professor,¬†Department of Chemistry –¬†

I am a big fan of books. Because I commute to UCO from Norman, I constantly listen to audiobooks in the car. My bedside table is stacked with a book-in-progress and multiple to-read titles. I just completed an eight-year stint as the book and media reviews editor for the . . .  read more

Programming for Parkinson’s Disease

by Kyle FActor

Parkinson’s is a neurological disease where damaged nerve cells do not produce enough dopamine in the brain. First signs of this disease are tremors in one single hand. As this disease progresses, you lose a lot of other body function as well like, range of motion, muscle stiffness, and loss of balance. It is difficult to program . . .  read more

Use IF-AT Cards…Make Tests Fun!

Partial photo of completed IF-AT card

The 2016 UCO Collegium on College Teaching Practices showcased many different active learning strategies employed by UCO faculty. The below short essay describes the success, Maurice Haff, an Instructor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, has found using the Immediate-Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT) cards. These cards are free to UCO . . .  read more

Circuit Training: Is this cool or what?!

by: Aaron Parker

One of the main barriers for getting to the gym is time. Sometimes, it can feel like you need 2 hours to fit in a really effective workout and feel accomplished.  I used to feel the same way until I switched my major to Kinesiology and discovered circuit training.  Circuit training is a set of 10-15 different exercises that utilize . . .  read more

Running as Exercise

by: Evan Small

Winter slowly turns into spring and just as the weather turns bearable for outside activies, the sidewalks of boulevard are slammed with runners getting there morning and evening mileage in. If you want to jump on the running train, whether for the upcoming marathon, daily exercise or an excuse to get away from the family for a “long . . .  read more

Osteoporosis Exercise Programming

by: Kyle Factor

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones begin to lose mass and density due to many lifestyle and genetic factors leading to frailty of the bones and a higher risk of fracture or breaks. Osteoporosis is a disease that is very prominent among older individuals.  However, there are also some risks associated with exercise when it comes . . .  read more

Self Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling!)

by: Samuel Jenkins

Let’s talk about foam rolling today! To make a long story short, self-myofascial release it is a method of self-massage, generally using a foam roller, to help release built up scar tissue within the muscles and fascia matrix. Fascia is a thin film of connective tissue that helps interconnect our muscles, bone, and organs . . .  read more