All Moved In? Now What?

Five students pose in front of a residence hall on move-in day

Move-In Day has come and gone, and we’re gearing up for a brand new semester at Central. So what now? How can you make the most of your time living at Central?

We asked the UCO Housing and Dining Office about the best ways to get and stay connected right where you live.

One of the first events for residents is the Welcome Home Ropes Course. During . . .  read more

Saturday Schedule 7/28

930- Drills and Round Prep

10- Tournament Round 4

12- Pizza Lunch

1215- Final Round- all students to be there to judge.

Awards to follow the final round

All activities should be over by 2PM. Parents, students will be in the Center for Transformative Learning Building and can be picked up there. We will not be at the dorms.

Friday Schedule and Tournament Pairings

930– Drills

10 Labs/Tournament Prep

12-1 Lunch *Note shortened meal hours

Round 1 Friday 1 PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Elizabeth/David Jack/Caleb


118 Jaclyn/Paige


Salmaan/Elliauna Kolen
237 Nadia/Dakota


Blake/Charlie/Joe Loghry

Round 2 Friday 3PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Salmaan/Elliauna Nadia/Dakota Colquitt
118 Jack/Caleb Jaclyn/Paige


237 Blake/Charlie/Joe Elizabeth/David Kolen

Round 3 Friday 6PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Nadia/Dakota Elizabeth/David Bunas
118 Jaclyn/Paige Blake/Charlie/Joe Colquitt
237 Salmaan/Elliauna Jack/Caleb Kolen

Round 4 Sat 10 AM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Blake/Charlie/Joe Salmaan/Elliauna Shaurer
118 Elizabeth/David Jaclyn/Paige Bunas
237 Jack/Caleb Nadia/Dakota



Wednesday Schedule 7/25/18

930-10 Drills

10-12- Courtney’s Argument Extension and Refutation Lecture (intended for the more beginner students) 237

Loghry’s Next Level Strategy Through Total Situational Awareness Lecture (intended for the more advanced students) 118

12-130 Lunch

130-3    118 Block Writing Tutorial + Block Writing Session

3-5         Practice . . .  read more

Tuesday Schedule 7/24/18

Tuesday Schedule

930-10 Drills

10-12 All  118 Lab Time- Team Pairing

12-130- Lunch

130-3    118 Kritiks/Answering Kritiks (Shae)

237- Negative Strategies (Chris)

3-5         Lab- Prep for Debate

5-630- Dinner

630-8    Lab- Debate Prep

Monday Schedule 7/22/18

Monday Schedule

930-10 Drills

10-12    237 Beginning Debate- structure and content (Shae)

118 2AC argument answers (Chris)

12-130 Lunch

130        118 All- Impact Framing/Flowing (All)

5- Dinner

630-      237 Beginning Debate- Stock Issues/Off case (Matt)

118 Disadvantage Debating (Courtney)