Weight Training during Pregnancy

Research regarding weight training during exercise can cause quite a controversy. Despite the controversey, there are a few tips that can help pregnancy women workout more safely and comfortably. I urge you to keep an open mind. After all, getting back into an exercise routine after you have a little one can be pretty tough.

1.  Keep up your routine. . . .  read more

Green Smoothie Summer!

Summer is just right around the corner! Who doesn’t love summer? With all the fresh fruit, the family get- together’s; sometimes it can be had to decide what to bring to the function. Green smoothies are the new “it” thing, and why not bring a batch of the best smoothie you can make to the get together? There are so many benefits to drinking . . .  read more

Losing It: Inches vs. Pounds

Clearly it is not unlikely that a person new to working out’s number one goal is to lose weight. From this, you must ask is there a reason to lose a certain weight, is there a certain weight you are trying to reach, or is the ultimate goal to look better and feel better? Inches versus pounds is an issue of discussion for people who beginning . . .  read more

Alternative Fitness

There are so many ways to exercise. There are a lot of people out there who think that exercise means that you have to go to the gym with a bunch of “muscles-heads” and “beauty-queens” to have the ability to exercise. This is so far from the truth. The truth is that anything that you do that causes a purposefully increase in your heart rate . . .  read more

Change It Up, Keep It Fresh

One of the biggest issues noticed with people involved with exercise programs is getting bored and ultimately leading to not continuing on with exercise.  There are large numbers of people out there who know someone who this has happened to or it has personally happened to them.  With the epidemics of disease, cancer, and other sicknesses that . . .  read more

Touring a Museum

Our group was privileged enough to get tour in the museum. The curator was incredibly knowledgeable but still candid and interesting. She discussed the animals that have been preserved from the park, pottery that was found, and even clothing from native people. In total, 1.5 million distinct pieces in the collection. Being able to hear this information . . .  read more

Star Talk

I love the stars! I love looking at them and talking about them with my friends. One of the remarkable things I got to see on this trip was the Ranger talk about stars. This lecture was no joke. We met outside one of the visitors centers for a quick briefing about what was going to go on during the talk. The ranger passed out star charts and flashlights . . .  read more

Drive, day 2

Woke up to a noisy alarm and jumped into the shower. We all meandered down stairs to eat breakfast in the hotel lobby. After some hot coffee, we all packed back into the van and set out toward our destination, the Grand Canyon. After driving for a bit, we pulled into the Petrified Forest National Park. If you have not been there, let me say that . . .  read more

Just 5 More Minutes…

With Spring Break behind us, there is a crippling realization for a lot of college students: our sleep schedule is in shambles and we are barely making it to class on time, much less fully prepared. How do we get our sleep schedules back to perfection? It will take a little planning and dedication to get your body’s internal clock to reset. It . . .  read more

Drive, day 1

We all met at UCO around 7:30 a.m., loaded our stuff into the state of the art vehicle, and got onto 1-40 highway toward New Mexico. State of the art is a sarcastic way to say that we piled into a brown, much used vehicle that was missing several air vent covers. We were all told that the “guy” had sworn that the van was in tip top shape. . . .  read more