Schedule for Sunday, July 23

Sunday- July 23.
12-130 PM Registration and Dorm check in for students staying on campus (Commons Clubhouse)
245-330 PM Registration and check in for Commuter Students (Liberal Arts Building).
345PM- Camp Orientation Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
415PM- Topic Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
545PM- Dinner (Provided-Liberal . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – July 17, 2017

First some good news:

As Dean of CFAD, there are a lot of pieces of paper that cross my desk needing signatures. Some of my favorite pieces to sign are promotions. Congratulations to Keith Webb on achieving the rank of Professor in the Department of Design!

Now a story:

My house is currently a maze of boxes. I’ve been married for 34 years, and I come . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – July 10, 2017

First, I’d like to say a hearty congratulation to Dr. Kadee Bramlett, on her newly minted Doctorate. Nicely done! I’m looking forward to hearing you play.

Now a story:

I spent some time this last week thinking about comfort. We occupied our new house in Edmond, June 29, but our furniture didn’t arrive until July 7. One day, as I was ruminating . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – July 5, 2017

Day One,

It’s the first of July. While this is ordinarily a pretty mundane fact, it is momentous for me. Today I officially became Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the life my family enjoyed thanks to a 30-year career at Andrews University. I am equally thankful . . .  read more

Seven Steps for Decoding Student Misunderstandings

Dr. Jody Horn

David Pace and Joan Middendorf created a model for decoding the disciplines as a method for faculty to uncover the ways students think and learn in various disciplines. Following their seven step process allows faculty members to understand the role they play in students’ misunderstandings of course content.

Did you ever wonder why students don’t . . .  read more

The Future of Food Science – The Bee’s Knees?

When you think of food science, you’re likely to picture an upscale restaurant serving a gastronomical feat – such as a balloon made of sugar – or the creation of a hybrid fruit. However, an assistant professor in Central’s Department of Human Environmental Sciences, Dr. Kanika Bhargava (Ph.D.), suggests that insects may . . .  read more

A Letter to Central’s Recent Graduates

As UCO grads settle into life post-graduation, Nathan Box, a Central alumnus (Broadcast Communications, ’07) penned a letter* to these new alumni on his own blog, offering sage advice for the future:

According to social media, another 1,000+ graduates turned their tassels at the University of Central Oklahoma. 10 years ago, . . .  read more

Scaffolding Eats Coddling for Lunch

Picture of Jeff King

[W]hy would we expect students who have come of age in neighborhoods and schools surrounded by people who largely look and think as they do to be highly skilled at handling personal insults hurled by those with different, yet similarly narrowly shaped, experiences and beliefs? Why should we expect that people who have experienced different outcomes . . .  read more

Transforming Students into Self-Directed Learners

I recently had the opportunity to read “Self-Directed Learning: A Guide for Students and Teachers”, by Malcolm Knowles. It was a quick and easy read that reminds us both as learners and instructors the need for learner-centered design. One of the best ways to encourage transformation in a learner is to put them at the center of their own learning. . . .  read more