Education for Sustainability

Eric Hemphill

Written by Eric Hemphill, M.Ed. –

“Climate change is real. It’s out there. It’s our fault. It will be difficult to mitigate the effects, and even more difficult to reverse them. CO2 levels have reaching blah blah blah parts per million blah blah blah since blah blah blah year…”

This is how I started my first time teaching the Introduction . . .  read more

#CFADWorks: Milena Govich

Clapboard for "Chicago Med" showing Milena Govich as the episode's director.

On the set of primetime medical drama “Chicago Med,” UCO College of Fine Arts and Design alumna Milena Govich pressed pause on a busy week of directing her first network television episode to send an update to her alma mater.

Upon graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1999 with degrees in Vocal Performance and Pre-Medicine . . .  read more

Bacon & Legs: Morning Blog # 2

by: Gabe Lay, Dillion Smith, Nathan Clark, and Rodney Walker

How to Properly manage weekly Strength Training.

When wanting to strength train it is important to understand fatigue and knowing how much your body can actually handle, while simultaneously knowing what your joint mobility can do. When lifting weights proper technique is most important, . . .  read more

Stretch Your Mind – Stretch Your Body

Stretch Your Mind – Stretch Your Body

Top 10 Reasons to Stretch

by:  Hannah Henley, Andi Messenger, Ali Nakvinda, Korey Floyd, Carli Jones, Kaleb Gaylord

  1. Keeps You Loose to Move – Stretching decreases muscle tension and increase range of motion, which is super important in our society of sitting. Everyday activities become more doable and enjoyable when there is less pain and resistance eliminated by stretching.
  2. Stretching Once a Day Keeps the Dr. Away – A flexible muscle is less likely to become injured with sudden movements. Flexibility helps with balance and joint resistance that can build up from lack of motion due. Flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis relieve stress on the lumbar spine reducing your risk of low back pain and injury.
  3. Sore Be Gone – After a hard workout or a day of saving the world it helps keep muscles loose reduce the tightening effect that leads to post work aches and pains.
  4. Straight Up Sittn’ – Stretching the muscles of lower back and shoulders keeps the spine straight and maintains better alignment. It also aids in falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up with comfort.
  5. Don’t Stress Out… Stretch Out Well stretched muscles hold less tension that can build up from everyday life situations. Less stress in the body also reflects with less stress in the mind. Stretching before bed (or anytime of day) is a very beneficial practice that helps with sleep.
  6. Stretch Harder; Go Father – Flexible joints and muscles require less energy to move through an action allowing you to keep endurance up and keep going like the energizer bunny!
  7. Better to Be Stretched than Sorry – Stretching prior to work or everyday life allows your muscles to loosen up and be ready for what ever comes your way! Warmed up muscles are less likely to be pulled or cramp up.
  8. Yoga Flow = Blood Flow – Stretching increases blood supply to your muscles and joints that constantly flushes new nutrients to those tissues. The blood flow also carries away and cleanses build up of toxins and calcium that cause stiffness and pain.
  9. Tune in to Your Body – Stretching creates a mind body connection. Your mind, when stretching is involved, is in awareness of your body’s breath, pain, discomfort and mental determination to overcome the initial resistance that stretching is. It helps you tune in to your body physically and your mind mentally.
  10. Get Longer and Look Leaner – Elongating the muscles not only increases range of motion and reduces stress, but overtime it helps the muscles actually look leaner. Removing the tight balls of calcium in the muscles creates smooth muscle fibers that look and feel better!

Now you know why you should stretch, so now let talk about how to. According to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) a stretching routine should be completed 2-3 days per week to improve . . .  read more

Bacon & Legs: Morning Blog

by: Gabe Lay, Dillion Smith, Rodney Walker, and Nathan Clark

Fitness Motivation: Do You Have it or Lack it?

Going to the gym should be easy, right? It is one of the best ways to take ourselves and ensure longevity and ease of everyday living. Unfortunately for most people, getting in a workout is a hard sell. There is often one or multiple variables, . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – October 15, 2018

First some good news:

I apologize for the length of the “good news” this week, but I need to share this Facebook post by  Sheradee Scott Hurst from Greg White’s wall.

“So, here’s what happened when my eight-year-old was invited to play a child role in a college production. Opening night, she walked in the green room and several college students shouted, “Happy Opening!” The student assigned to supervise the three children in the production took notes in her phone of their favorite candy the night before . . .  read more