Fire Program

We worked with the fire program at the Grand Canyon and learned all about prescribed fires and some of the rules and regulations associated with it.  I had no idea the amount of work people put into actually setting fires to lessen the risk of fires!  Throughout the week our team followed a group of firefighters with chainsaws and dragged brush . . .  read more

Hiking Adventures

Hiking at the Grand Canyon is definitely a sight to see.  It was super windy but the view was worth it!  We hiked the Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail.

A Job Well Done

We started the day off with our morning book reflection. Some were impressed by the author’s continued passion for the outdoors. Others believe he became renowned for avoidable mistakes. All in all, the book was an interesting read. Our 1st stop for the day was our last visit to the YMCA-Wabash for the trip. We were well received and . . .  read more

Insomnia Part 2 (Rated M for Mmmm!)

On Monday through Wednesday, the nine of us were very invested with working at the Wabash YMCA, working every second because we wanted to make sure that closets were organized and clean, and that other duties were handled. Deante and the YMCA staff was very impressed with our dedication and saw that we were very ahead of schedule. They told us that . . .  read more

Day 3: Starting to feel like locals.

Yes, that’s right. it’s starting to feel like home. Well, maybe not home , but something close to it. We actually got asked directions a couple of times, which of course made us feel pretty good. Don’t get me wrong we’ve still had our navigating troubles, but it’s getting easier. We started the morning with a tour . . .  read more

Work and play

So we had a very eventful day! It began with us volunteering at the Wabash Ave YMCA . Once we got there deante,the program director instructed half of us to assist with organizing equipment while the other half of us went upstairs and cleaned and organized the gymnasium storage room. When we completed the closeup it looked different,allotting more . . .  read more

Day one in Nashville is complete!

Yesterday was our first full day in Nashville and first day to volunteer, and it was perfect! We started the day at the men’s center of the Nashville

Rescue Mission at 9am. Where we were taken to the basement to get to work. We met our wonderful supervisor BB, as they call him, who is a product of the Men’s Life Recovery program at The Mission. . . .  read more