ABLE Enabled Me

Dr. Rebecca Williams

by Rebecca Williams — 

I recently attended the annual Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) conference in Houston. The ABLE conference encouraged me to make my UCO Entomology course more transformative.  Before the conference I planned out many exercises, nearly covering the entire semester.  However, it was mostly identification . . .  read more

Celebrate Independence Day at UCO

The 4th of July is always a special time of year at UCO with all sorts of events and activities happening on and around campus as part of Edmond LibertyFest. This year will be no exception with a parade, the Summer Band Concert in the Park, and the always spectacular fireworks display. Traditionally, the Concert in the Park has been held just north . . .  read more

Student Comment as Disorienting Dilemma

Dr. Jeff King

Dr. Fernanda Duarte of the University of Western Sydney posits an interesting thesis: “Transformative learning as an antidote to cynicism” (Duarte, 2010). She teaches in the Business College and confronted her own “disorienting dilemma” (Mezirow, 1990, pp. 13-14) when a student in one of her classes said there was too much class time devoted . . .  read more

Using Backward Course Design to Create Successful Online Courses

Dr. Bucky Dodd

I have personally experienced many different approaches and methods for designing online courses. These typically break down into three different categories, or orientations to design:

  • Content focused
  • Experience focused
  • Outcomes focused

Each of these methods has their strengths and downfalls.

With content focused design, you start with the topics you want to teach and then you develop materials or activities . . .  read more

Moving from Information to Experience: Strategies for Enhancing Learner Engagement and Success


Key Points

  • Much of our higher education system has traditionally relied on methods for opening access to information

  • Our role as educators is always changing and adapting to the needs of learners

  • Successful learning environments use information to enhance the experience of learning

The Problem Facing Learner Engagement

One of the more common concerns I hear from educators related to design . . .  read more

Transformative Potentials in a Class on Death and Dying

Photo of the Glasgow Necropolis

Dr. Gary Steward, UCO Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

UCO’s Associate Vice-Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Gary Steward, has taught a class on death and dying for several years, typically during the spring intersession. It’s been a popular class, with students of all majors enrolling in the course.

By its very nature, . . .  read more

Transformative Instructor Talk

Teach Students How to Learn book cover

What do you say in class when you’re not talking about course content? If you can identify those conversations, would you say they might lead to a transformative experience for one or more students?

In aggregate over the entire term, and sometimes even in the course of a single conversation, what we say when we’re not talking about course . . .  read more

Promoting Tutoring Central as an Avenue to Transformation

Tutoring Central walkway

Mark Walvoord, M.S., Student Transformative Learning Record
Brian McKinney, B.A., Tutoring Central

If you think back to transformative experiences in your life, you will likely be able to identify learning moments outside of the classroom. These could’ve been traumatic personal experiences, independent research projects with a caring mentor, a . . .  read more

Lifting Weights Teaches Life Skills

by: Lauren Clonts

There are so many productive things that you can do during your breaks that you have throughout the day other than play Candy Crush, scroll on your Facebook for 30-45 minutes or take a nap on your lunch break. There is one thing that you can do that can totally improve your quality of life in multiple different aspects without you . . .  read more