Stretching for Golf

It’s officially the beginning of golf season, and everyone is looking for ways to improve their golf game. A great and easy way to improve the golf game is by increasing your flexibility.

A common question is “Why is flexibility important for golf?” A simple answer is you will create a greater range of motion in your golf swing. Flexibility is key to increasing hip speed, and producing a greater shoulder turn. Increased hip speed and greater shoulder turn will result in more power and a more consistent golf swing. . . .  read more

Kettle Bell Workouts

What is a kettle bell?

A kettle bell is what looks like a bowling ball with a handle on it that varies on weight.

Why use a kettle bell?

Kettle bell workout is a kinetic experience in both strength training and a cardio workout in one.  The kettle bell is kept in near constant motion and exercises are typically done in a circuit. Studies show that a kettle bell workout is like running while developing your muscles. Kettle bell workouts can be done from your home with just one or two kettle bells for most exercises. . . .  read more

Sports Specific Exercise

In the lives of most adults, exercise is used to increase their overall health levels and decrease the risks associated with developing disease. This is a great reason to exercise, but what if a few small changes could make you better at the recreational activities that you participate in daily? These recreational activities include playing basketball, volleyball, cycling, softball, golf, or basically any activity that people do for fun. Small modifications in your everyday workout routine could help make you better at the sports you are participating in. The reasons that such small changes can bring significant results is that with using this method, you are basically “tricking” your body into performing sports specific movements. Below are a few examples of ways to modify exercise movements for certain sports. . . .  read more

At Home Body Weight Workout

You’re always on the go. Between work, school, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and possibly keeping up with kids, there never seems to be a right time to go to the gym. With this workout, you will be able to get a quality workout in without worring about any weights, mats, medicine balls, or gym rats. All you need is an open space and 30-45 minutes. This body weight workout will be sure to get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and not take too much time out of your busy schedule. . . .  read more

Common mistakes while working out

Going to the gym consistently is a great start, but here are a few common mistakes you could be making. Correcting them can help you get the most out of your workout.

1. Using your lower back on the rowing machine. The power should come from your legs and seamlessly transfer to your core and upper body. Bending forward and pulling from your back can put stress on your back and result in injury. . . .  read more

A Body Weight Chest Workout

Having strong chest muscles is essential to everyday life. You use them anytime you push such as pushing a lawn mower or baby carriage.

F(frequency): 2 times per week

I(intensity): Once you can complete the modified push up and standard pushups for 3 sets of 8-10 reps, progress to the workout by choosing one or two of the variations below. Start with three sets with as many push-ups as you can do and progress to 3 sets of 8-10 reps. . . .  read more

2013 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute Information

Applications and information for the 2014 CODI can be found here:

Dates: July 20-July 27th

You can access the application here: 2013 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute Student Application Packet


Registration Before June 1Cost of Institute: $300Cost of Housing: $200 Registration After June 1Cost of Institute: $350Cost of Housing: :$225

Previous CODI attendees receive a $75 tuition discount

What does my tuition cover?

  • Week of lectures and workshops aimed at improving debate knowledge and skills
  • T-Shirt and Water Bottle
  • One-on-one practice and coaching sessions
  • Individualized research training and work
  • Full evidence set
  • Updated evidence throughout the school year


Are meals included?

No. Students are free to choose their own meal options from various places on and nearby campus. Adequate time is built into the schedule to ensure that students will be able to be able to eat. Students can purchase meals on campus, but it is cheaper for the student to purchase them individually than to prepay for access to the cafeterias since many students will not eat every meal on campus. . . .  read more

Play your way to a fit lifestyle

In today’s world of exercise, the hardest category to meet recommendations in has got to be the “aerobic activity” category.  To reach a high level of cardiorespiratory fitness most people think that you have to walk briskly or do a slow jog for a prolonged period of time.  This misunderstanding could very well be a reason individuals don’t reach the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) recommendations of 150-300 total minutes of aerobic activity per week.  So is there a secret to making these numbers attainable?  Sure!  The secret is to make these exercise bouts enjoyable and make them fit into your specific lifestyle!  Yes, the answer is to play more. . .  read more

Machine vs. Free Weight Resistance Training

So you are looking to find the right workout plan to get your body summer ready. Whether we are interested in bulking up or getting toned, many of us face the question of whether free-weights or machine weights are a better choice. There are pros and cons to both, but neither hinders fitness, unless used wrong or beyond one’s ability.

Free weights are any object or device that can be moved freely in a 3-dimentional space. These “free-weights” include dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and body weight exercises. Machine weights are stationary equipment that uses “simple machines” such as pulleys and levers to generate a resistance for strength training. A leg press among the numerous machines is a perfect example of a machine weight. . . .  read more

CODI 2013 Dates and Costs Announced

The 2013 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute will be held July 20th-July 27th on the UCO campus.


Application Received Before June 1:

Cost of Institute: $300

Cost of Housing: $200

Application Received After June 1:

Cost of Institute: $350

Cost of Housing: :$225