The difference between a sincere and earnest representation of women’s capabilities and a half-hearted attempt to make a sorry-not-sorry apology.


The difference between a sincere and earnest representation of women’s capabilities and a half-hearted attempt to make a sorry-not-sorry apology.

Christine De Pizan was a contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer, writing around the same time as he was during the middle ages in Europe. Being an educated . . .  read more

Lugh of the Long Arm, An Irish Epic

The following is an account of the life of Lugh of the Long Arm. In Irish mythology this man is the savior of the people of Danaa, the true rulers of Ireland. This story covers Lughs origin as son of Kian, the sun god, and the battle between the people of Danaa and their oppressors the Fomorians. This particular . . .  read more

Vikatanitambā: Three Women Poets

Who is she?

Not much is known about Vikatanitambā. We do know she is one of the Three Women Poets that are mentioned in The Classical Sanskrit Lyrics. It is stated in our book that based solely on her name alone, it is believed she is from southern India. So perhaps she looked something like this:


What is known about her is that she lived sometime between . . .  read more

What is love? Chaucer and Petrarch

Geoffrey Chaucer’s Troilus’s Song is excerpt from his tragic romance, Troilus and Criseyde. Here is the song:

If no love is, O God, what fele I so?
And if love is, what thing and which is he?
If love be good, from whennes cometh my woo?
If it be wikke, a wonder thynketh me,
When ever torment and adversite
That cometh of hym, may to me savory thinke,
For ay thurst I, the more that ich it drynke.
And if that at myn owen lust I brenne,
From whennes cometh my waillynge and my pleynte?
If harm agree me, whereto pleyne I thenne?
I noot, ne whi unwery that I feynte.
O quike deth, O swete harm so queynte,
How may of the in me swich quantite,
But if that I consente that it be?
And if that I consente, I wrongfully
Compleyne, iwis.  Thus possed to and fro,
Al stereless withinne a boot am I
Amydde the see, betwixen wyndes two,
That in contrarie stonden evere mo.
Allas! what is this wondre maladie?
For hete of cold, for cold of hete, I dye.

My Middle English is not the best but Troilus is questioning love and his life after he feels that he has been betrayed by Criseyde.   Troilus begins by wondering, “If there is no love, God, what do I feel?” His . . .  read more

A Reflection on Tulsa 1921: Reporting a Massacre

Front cover of the book Tulsa 1921 Reporting a Massacre

Written by Saheli Nath, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Management — 

This book is a fascinating work highlighting the contradictions between history and memory. In this book, Krehbiel describes the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 and discusses the antecedents and consequences of the tragic event that left somewhere around ~300 African Americans dead (estimates . . .  read more

Non-Binary Lives Book Reflection Reveals Challenges

Front cover of the book Non-binary Lives An Anthology of Intersecting Identities

Vanessa Bentley, Ph.D., Humanities and Philosophy

I attended two out of three sessions for the Non-Binary Lives reading group led by Ed Cunliff. I joined the reading group for professional and personal reasons. Professionally, as a gender studies scholar, I’m interested in inclusionary and intersectional accounts of gender, particularly from the . . .  read more

Create an “Unpracticed Conversations Assignment” for a course that you teach. How will you apply the concepts learned from the book?

Front cover of the book Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence

By Laura Dumin, Ph.D., English

I am hoping to teach George Takei’s “They Calles Us Enemy” this spring. It’s a graphic novel about the Japanese internment camps in America. My hope is that by looking at this moment in time we might begin to discuss what it meant to look Asian/be Asian at that time. I’d like to talk about what it means to . . .  read more

Fuel for Finals

Don’t forget to stop by OLN 109 today 5/3 on your way to take the finals and grab you a donut!! Just a little  reminder that we are thinking about you in this stressful time, first come first serve so make sure you come get yours!!

Feature Story: Leadership Development Opportunities at UCO

Fran Petties, director of Talent Development

UCO supports the development of our current and potential leaders on campus. The application windows for both Leadership UCO (LUCO) and the Management Development Program (MDP) are quickly approaching and we encourage those who wish to grow as leaders to apply.

LUCO intentionally creates an application-based and learning-centered community to . . .  read more