Tech Corner: Creativity Is just A Click Away

Stephanie Edwards, Manager of Web Strategy and IT Communications 

You don’t have to break your department’s budget to express your creativity with Adobe’s digital tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, because the majority of the Adobe Creative Cloud product suite is available to UCO staff and faculty for FREE. 

Thanks to a licensing agreement facilitated by the Office of Information Technology, Adobe . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Dawn Kaiser, Manager of Inventory and receiving

The UCO Staff Senate met Tuesday, June 2, via videoconference. The Senate voted on and passed two resolutions previously introduced at the May general meeting: SSR 2019/2020-003 – Staff Senate Past Presidents Association, and SSR 2019/2020-004 – Archive of Staff Senate Records.  

Two new resolutions were . . .  read more

July Years of Service

40 Years

Gary Sturgis

30 Years

Habib Tabatabai

27 Years

Deborah Speight Jordan
Damita Kennedy

21 Years

Fran Petties

20 Years

Shelley Selanders

19 Years

Sharon LaFave

17 Years

Debi Young
Gregory Mackey
Sharla Weathers
Sonya Watkins

16 Years

Julio Mata

15 Years

James Machell
Mandana Roshan

14 Years

Dwight Adams
Karen Davis
Dennis Dunham
Mitchell Green

13 Years

Samuel Ferguson

12 Years

Lisa Anderson

11 Years

Chris Hicks
Teddy Burch

10 Years

Stepheny Smith
Joy Morgan
Donna Bass
Mitchell Bell

9 Years

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Meet the Researcher – Sabrina Truong

Sabrina Truong is a sophomore Graphic Design Major at UCO whose Faculty Mentor is Amanda Horton. Truong was invited to present her research “Columns Through Greek and Modern Times” at NCUR 2020. Her research studies how Ancient Greek architecture has created a segment of design for the later times to adapt to, one
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Better Black News with Jillian Whitaker

Jillian Whitaker of Better Black News Interview

STLR Assistant Director, Camille Farrell, sat down with Jillian Whitaker, UCO graduate and creator of Better Black News, to listen and hear directly from the perspective of a Person of Color about the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice. For students of Color, Jillian shares words of encouragement. For our students and colleagues not-of-Color, if you’ve posted “I’m listening or I hear you,” you can take action by watching and hearing Jillian’s experiences.

Normally the STLR office approves STLR credit for all the other offices on campus offering opportunities like this, but this video is a STLR-tagged opportunity that was directly produced and offered from our very own STLR office!  Watch the video below or on YouTube, then fill out this form to claim your STLR credit.

Links mentioned in the video:

Better Black News 
Donate to Better Black News
3 Things You Should Not Say to Your Black Colleagues Right Now
27 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Black Colleagues (there’s more than 3, 27, and the 14 below, but these are a good place to start)
14 things People Think are Fine to Say but are Actually Racist, Sexist, or Offensive

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Post-Thanksgiving Break Pro-Rated Credit Details

Due to the recently announced changes to the fall 2020 semester, Housing & Residential Engagement understands there are questions about living in residence halls after Thanksgiving Break. We want to reassure students they do not have to move out of their residence hall when the campus moves to alternative instruction for the final two weeks of the semester following Thanksgiving Break.

Selected Professional Development Resources about Social Injustice for Faculty and Staff

Front cover of the book Deconstructing Privilege: Teaching and Learning as Allies in the Classroom, by Kim Case

Addressing Racial and Social Injustice

In times that underscore the ongoing need to not just denounce racism but to be anti-racist, CETTL, 21CPI, STLR, and ELA commit to more than simply continuing what we do now…We further commit to accepting the challenge that we, UCO, and the nation must meet to bring justice and equity to our campus and our society for all Black people and People of Color as well as other marginalized and disenfranchised groups and individuals among our fellow colleagues and citizens… Read Full Letter



Tomorrow, June 23 at 5pm, is the deadline to request a mail absentee ballot for the June 30 elections. Due to the pandemic, you can now get your absentee notarized at banks listed on the Oklahoma State Election Board website or forgo notarizing and instead include a copy of appropriate proof of identification. It’s easier to vote by mail in Oklahoma than usual! Tell your friends and go vote!

> Online:
> Download:…/Oklahoma%20Absentee%20Ballot%20Application…
> More info from your county election board:…/CEB_Physical%20Addresses_%283-19-2020%29.p…