Debate and the Central Six

Debate and the Central Six

The University of Central Oklahoma’s debate represents the school’s commitment to transformative learning. As traditional universities seek to provide meaningful educational experiences for their students, many have been engaged in practices of transformative learning from the very beginning. The University of . . .  read more

Marathon Training

By Cameron Pound

The Memorial Marathon this past weekend brought thousands of people from many backgrounds to run for a cause, but how many of them actually prepared for the event properly? Many people hate running, while others run for fun, but whether you enjoy the idea of long distance running or not, a benefit marathon or running for a cause can . . .  read more

Exercise and Pregnancy!

By Lakisha Laster

Many people believe that exercise during pregnancy could be detrimental to the fetus. Those people are WRONG! Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to both mother and fetus, physically and psychologically. For the mother it can help with excess weight gain during pregnancy, self body image, anxiety and depression, and the aches . . .  read more

Dihydrogen Monoxide and You

By Taylor Lesser
So what was that magical fluid in “Michael’s Secret Stuff” in the movie Space Jam that took the Toon Squad to a victory over the Monstars? The bottle wasn’t anything more than dihydrogen monoxide, more commonly known as water, but Bugs Bunny convinced the rest of the Toon Squad it was what gave MJ his talent. Just . . .  read more

Good Alternatives to Treadmills

There are many people out there who exercise on a regular basis and those on a more moderate basis. One thing that can be common for both groups is getting bored or staleness if using the treadmill on too much of a consistent basis which could cause a person to cut back on his or her cardio or cut it out altogether. To hinder this type of action . . .  read more

One of the hardest questions to answer is “why?”

I know that I am ranting about this in April; a couple of months late, but one of my biggest pet peeves about a person’s New Year’s revolution is when it is to start working out again. The reason I hate this so much is because the majority of the people who say they are going to start exercising again in their New Year’s Revolution stop using . . .  read more

Weight Training during Pregnancy

Research regarding weight training during exercise can cause quite a controversy. Despite the controversey, there are a few tips that can help pregnancy women workout more safely and comfortably. I urge you to keep an open mind. After all, getting back into an exercise routine after you have a little one can be pretty tough.

1.  Keep up your routine. . . .  read more

Green Smoothie Summer!

Summer is just right around the corner! Who doesn’t love summer? With all the fresh fruit, the family get- together’s; sometimes it can be had to decide what to bring to the function. Green smoothies are the new “it” thing, and why not bring a batch of the best smoothie you can make to the get together? There are so many benefits to drinking . . .  read more

Losing It: Inches vs. Pounds

Clearly it is not unlikely that a person new to working out’s number one goal is to lose weight. From this, you must ask is there a reason to lose a certain weight, is there a certain weight you are trying to reach, or is the ultimate goal to look better and feel better? Inches versus pounds is an issue of discussion for people who beginning . . .  read more

Alternative Fitness

There are so many ways to exercise. There are a lot of people out there who think that exercise means that you have to go to the gym with a bunch of “muscles-heads” and “beauty-queens” to have the ability to exercise. This is so far from the truth. The truth is that anything that you do that causes a purposefully increase in your heart rate . . .  read more