How Mobility Can Make Or Break Your Workout

Foundational Mobility 

     What if I pointed out there was a way to improve every aspect of athletic performance in just a few minutes every day, with little or no effort, but it’s regularly ignored by a huge amount of gym goers? Mobility work is what I’m talking about. Studies show that stretching can increase biomechanical efficiency, . . .  read more

Tao Qian & “The Peach Blossoms Spring”

Tao Qian was a Chinese poet (365-427) who is legendary in China, known as a major figure of China’s literary tradition and a noted recluse. The Norton claims that “no Chinese poet before or after him captures with more immediate emotion the simple pleasures of country life, the value of being true to one’s inner nature” . . .  read more

Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Pat Hall and Jim Dunlap

During their presentation, Pat and Jim discussed bringing back civility into politics and working with individuals from different backgrounds, political parties, and perspectives. What practices can you engage in to ensure you are able to work with diverse beliefs and experiences, finding common ground and viable solutions to community challenges . . .  read more

Wang Wei

A poet by mistake. Wang Wei lived during the Tang dynasty in China. When he was twenty years old he was suspected of collaborating with An Lushan’s rebellion against the Tang dynasty. With his brother’s aid he was able to clear his name. Wang Wei was close enough to An Lushan’s rebellion to use that as an inspirational source for his poetry, . . .  read more

Akam Poetry and the Landscapes of Love

Akam poetry is classified as one of the two genres of classical Tamil poetry. Unlike Puram poetry, Akam poetry focuses on the inner self, and love it focuses more on the “interior” Many when thinking of the Akam poetry love is the first aspect that comes to many minds. Akam and Puram poetry could be located at as personal vs. public. With Akam . . .  read more