Dashing Through the Snow and Ice

Persistence Pays Off for UCO’s Ethan Williams

ON HIS FOURTH DAY OF WORKING as a DoorDash driver, UCO senior Ethan Williams had to choose between making deliveries in hazardous, icy conditions or miss out on extra income. Knowing many Edmond residents would be stuck indoors due to wintry weather, he opted to venture out to deliver food. 

“I almost didn’t want to come out and do . . .  read more

20 Years of Live Entertainment in the Heart of Edmond

THE CROWD GATHERS, HUDDLED AROUND TABLES while the lights dim, and the performers take the stage. This scene has been repeating at the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab now for two decades. It took a convergence of dreams that came together 20 years ago to make the UCO Jazz Lab a reality. 

The foundations of these dreams were laid . . .  read more

Bronze and Blue Through and Through

Impact of Leroy Coffman

THE TRADITION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA was a deeply rooted one for Leroy Coffman. From his early days in Cement, Oklahoma, he was a strong believer in learning and sought to remove barriers to education. Those principles only strengthened during his lifetime. 

Coffman came from a family that included several Central graduates, . . .  read more

In Memoriam


  • Marion Curtis Thompson (B.S.Ed. ‘57) 
  • Murl Dean Ergenbright (B.S. ‘59) 
  • Robert Brent Johnson (B.A. ‘62) 
  • Susan Leona (Maurer) Dixon (B.S.Ed. ‘63) 
  • Aletia Darlene (Gregory) Beachler (B.S.Ed. ‘65) 
  • Deborah Jeane (McWhirter) Bruce (B.A. ‘67) 
  • Joseph W. Kelso III (B.A. ‘68) 
  • Velma Grossman Buck Rogers (B.A. ‘70) 
  • George Richard Lineberry (B.B.A. ‘71) 
  • Janelle Elizabeth Ramsey Freeman (B.A. ‘66, M.Ed. ‘72) 
  • Roddie “Rod” Melton McLaren Jr. (B.S. ‘74) 
  • Barbara Jo (Spencer) Kendall (M.Ed. ‘80) 
  • Marilyn (Christy) Smelser Orr (M.Ed. ‘80) 
  • Jo Anne (Cooley) Gulliver (B.A.Ed. ‘82) 
  • D LaPierre Ballard (B.S. ‘87) 
  • Carol Jane (DeFraties) Plumb (B.A.Ed. ‘91) 
  • Delilah Sanderson (M.Ed. ‘03, B.B.A. ‘06) 

Faculty and Staff

  • John Bowen 
  • Ralph M. Wise 
  • Kristy Farris 
  • JoAnn Nelms Adams 

John Maisch, J.D., associate professor of business law at UCO, died March 3. Maisch earned a business degree from Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska, and a law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 1995. Following a year in private practice, he became an assistant attorney general for the State of Oklahoma. . . .  read more

Alumni Notes

’69 Steve Shepherd (B.B.A. ‘69) joined The Hughes Group & Associates Inc., an Oklahoma-based business brokerage firm, as a business sales specialist. 

’79 Rev. R.P. Ashanti-Alexander, Ed.D., (B.A.Ed. ‘73, M.Ed. ‘79) was named the Education Committee chair for the Oklahoma State Conference . . .  read more

Yuyu’s Tips On Taking The IELTS Exam

Hi everyone, my name is Yuyu and I’m from Japan 🇯🇵! A little bit about me, I’m a senior here at UCO studying Marketing. I love fashion and exploring cute cafes around OKC. I also like playing instruments, eating, and trying new things!

So like you guys, when I applied to the university in the US, I had to submit something to prove . . .  read more

When Art Meets Science

WHEN THE DONALD BETZ STEM RESEARCH and Learning Center opened on the Central campus in 2018, the building made an immediate impact for two distinct reasons. First, it became a think tank for the university’s interdisciplinary research efforts, housing the UCO College of Mathematics and Science programs . . .  read more

June 28th Election Updates

The sample ballots for the June 28th primary and special elections have just been released! To view the sample ballot for your county, log in here at the Oklahoma state election board’s website, and scroll down to the “upcoming elections and sample ballots” tab.

In addition, absentee ballots are available for this election, and can be requested here on the “voter services” tab. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is June 13th at 5:00 PM. If you wish to learn more about absentee voting, you can do so here at the Oklahoma state election board’s website.