COSC an official FSSA

The Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative (COSC) applied to be an official UCO Faculty & Staff Association in November 2021. However, we included a special request – to become a Faculty, Staff, & Student Association! COSC seeks the input and perspective of all members of our campus community, which is why our leadership team . . .  read more

Why is the Winter’s Tale WEirD

The Winter’s Tale is a Shakespearean play that keeps you on your toes.

 Basically, a king gets it in his head that his wife, the queen, cheated on him and is about to deliver another king’s baby. His claims are completely false, and he is even proven wrong by an oracle, however, he is not convinced until the death of . . .  read more

Feature Story: Adjusting to the Great Reshuffling – A Guide for the Tired

Erika Cerda, assistant vice president, Talent Management

If you haven’t heard, the “great reshuffling” is the new moniker for the “great resignation”. I like to think of it as a corporate rebrand. Whatever you’d like to call it, employees are still separating at a record rate across all industries. While it can bring a small amount of comfort to know that we’re not alone, the impact is felt . . .  read more

2021 Performance Appraisals

Sydney Wood, specialist, Employee Relations

It’s that time of the year again! As we look forward to 2022, it’s time for us to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and our achievements over this past year. Performance appraisals provide a structured format to do so that helps individuals evaluate where they’re at and articulate where they want to go.

Performance appraisals continue . . .  read more

Winter Break Housekeeping

Jeff Mlekush, coordinator safety operations, Environmental Health and Safety

Shortly, we will all be enjoying the winter break. Before the break, here are a few housekeeping items to put on your to-do list before you leave campus.

  1. Remove all holiday decorations.
  2. Make sure all electronic devices are turned off and unplugged.
  3. Make sure any space heaters are turned off.
  4. If your office is not cleaned by WFF, empty your trash.

Also, do not turn the HVAC in your office to the off position. You can adjust the temperature down a few degrees for cost savings over the break, if you like, but turning . . .  read more

Years of Service Micro-credentials

Mary Deter-Billings, manager, Employee Relations

Employee Relations has partnered with LX Studio to offer micro-credentials which will be showcased through a digital badge to celebrate significant milestones in faculty and staff member’s career at UCO. Starting this month, faculty and staff members who celebrate 5 years or more (in 5-year increments) will receive a digital badge via email to . . .  read more

Student Employment Reminders

Brittany Holbrook, talent operations specialist

Student employees remain active in Paycom from Fall to Spring automatically.  If a student fails to meet enrollment requirements for Spring, they will be terminated during HR’s “Enrollment Audit” which is completed by the HR Front Office during semester changes.  Otherwise, student employees remain . . .  read more

Tech Corner: Staying Connected this Season

Stephanie Edwards, manager of web strategies and OIT communications, IT

During this busy holiday season, make sure you can securely access your UCO information from wherever your travels might take you! UCO’s VPN, or “Virtual Private Network”, AnyConnect makes it easy for UCO faculty and staff to connect to the UCO network from any mobile device with an internet connection. Once installed, open the . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Ellen Schmidt, master electrician, Mitchell Hall Theatre

The Staff Senate met on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Our guest speaker was Christopher Lynch, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success. We passed two amendments to the Staff Senate Bylaws: SSA 2021/2022- 001 (Gender Neutral Language in Staff Senate Bylaws) and SSA 2021/2022-002 (Special Meeting for Officer Elections).

The Staff Senate is scheduled to . . .  read more