An Optical Illusion- Macbeth

According to the English Oxford Dictionary an optical illusion is: “something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is”. The image I used as an example seems to be a painting of a mans head, however this is an illusion. The painting is not just a mans head. The big picture is a man and women on a prairie with two houses . . .  read more

Early Voting

 Message from the Oklahoma State Election Board

Early Voting Begins!

Early voting begins today for twenty-five (25) counties across the state! Numerous school propositions are on the ballot, as well as several municipal propositions. Bryan County has a county question on the ballot to decide.

Early voting, also known as in-person absentee voting, is available Thursday, October 7 and Friday, October 8 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at your county’s designated early voting location. No excuse is needed. A list of early voting locations by county, as well as the election list, is available on the State Election Board website.

Sample ballots can be found by logging in to the OK Voter Portal. (REMEMBER: If you have a sample ballot, you have an election.) You can also use the portal to verify your voting information and view your voting districts.

Voters with questions should contact their county election board or the State Election Board at (405) 521-2391 or

Menu for 10.7

Join us for an Italian Feast!

Caesar Salad 1.75

Baked Ziti 3.75

Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.75

We also have our standard items: Turkey Central Sandwich, Cheese Panini, Brownie, Latte, Tea, Lemonade, Matcha, Hot Chocolate.

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Week 7 – Lessons in Leadership – Jill Castilla

During Jill’s presentation, she discussed “doing the next right thing” and “when you start doing things differently, people will challenge you.” How can you remain committed to these principles without sacrificing integrity and authenticity?

Weaponizing Masculinity in Macbeth

In a time in which gender roles were wildly steadfast, it’s no surprise that the expectations and limitations set on people caused some internal crises, often exploding into external repercussions. Masculinity and femininity, as much as they are tools of expression, are often used for manipulation. Whether that be . . .  read more