Jerri Wickett, HR Office Manager

If you have files that need to be destroyed or old bank statements from home, anything that is confidential that you just don’t want to throw away, recycle them.  

Human Resources has arranged for MIDCON Data Services to bring their shredding truck back to campus. The event is Thursday, August 6th from 11am to 2pm at parking lot No. . . .  read more

Time to Grow 

Saasha Reese, Training and Development Specialist

Each role at UCO has a different seasonal rhythm and busy period. The many innovative and creative adjustments that we are currently making to best serve the needs of our students and campus community may have disrupted some of those typical rhythms. Disruption can also provide a unique opportunity to step back, . . .  read more

Benefits 101

Katie Saylor, Benefits Specialist

Interested in learning about other, lesser-known benefits of the university’s medical plans, telemedicine, spending accounts and other topics? Check out Benefits 101, a monthly series dedicated to diving deeper into UCO’s benefits package. Every seminar is recorded . . .  read more

History Paved the Way for Our Safety Today

Brandy Kemp, EHS Administrative Specialist I

When you participate in UCO’s annual safety training, think about the history that led to this moment. Picture the factories that sprang up during the Industrial Revolution, full of chemicals, dust, dangerous machines and a confusing jumble of belts, pulleys and gears. The workers were inexperienced and often very young. The workplace of the . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Dawn Kaiser, Manager of Inventory and Receiving

The UCO Staff Senate held its first meeting of the 2020-2021 session on Tuesday, July 7.  The primary order of business was officer elections.  Congratulations to Scott DeBoard, President; Jakey Dobbs, Vice President; and Dawn Kaiser, Secretary/Treasurer.  Appointed executive committee positions include Teresa Delaney . . .  read more

August Years of Service

45 Years

Donna Sears
Nelda Fister

44 Years

Edward Collins

43 Years

Ofelia Tovar

42 Years

Daniel Smith

39 Years

Stephen Garrison

37 Years

Brad Ferguson

36 Years

Randal Ice

35 Years

T Bass
John McDaniel

34 Years

Robert Doan

33 Years

Mark Hanebutt
Marjorie Rempe

32 Years

Albert Cunliff
Samuel Magrill
Clark Ovrebo

31 Years

Michael Jezercak
Sandra Thompson

30 Years

James Bidlack
Bambi Hora
Stephen Black
Gloria Caddell

29 Years

Louis Furmanski
Ralph Morris
Allen Rice
Cheryl Frech

28 Years

James . . .  read more