May 14, 2019: Oklahoma budget negotiations heat up

The Oklahoma Senate is the odd man out in state budget negotiations.

Gov. Kevin Stitt and House Speaker Charles McCall agree on a spending plan for fiscal year 2020, but Senate Republicans have introduced their own spending plan that mainly differs on funding for education and pay raises for state employees…

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Feb. 13, 2019: Oklahoma Tax Collections Up… But (Associated Press)

State finance officials say revenue collections to Oklahoma’s main state operating fund continue to outpace the official estimate, but they warn of a slowdown in coming months.

The Office of Management and Enterprise Services released figures on Tuesday that show General Revenue Fund collections in January totaled $714 million, which is nearly . . .  read more

Feb. 3, 2019: $612 million more for Oklahoma? Probably not, officials say as growth figures for state budget expected to drop (Tulsa World)

State officials expect fewer additional dollars than what was certified in December.

The Board of Equalization in December indicated the state would have $612 million more to spend in fiscal year 2020. The Board of Equalization will meet again later this month to take another look and certify what lawmakers will have to spend…

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