Goal Setting in 2021 – Are You Kidding Me?

Saasha Reese, Talent Development Specialist 

If 2020 taught us anything, it would be to hold our plans with an open hand because they are sure to change. Now, here we are at the beginning of a new year and many of us are hesitant to buy new planners or set new goals, but don’t throw the whole year out yet. Let me make a case for goal setting. 

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It’s 2021 and Teladoc is Here

Katie Saylor, Senior Benefits Specialist 

New year, new telemedicine benefits. Teladoc is now in effect for all members of UCO’s medical plans and includes three different types of care: everyday, non-emergency care, mental health services and dermatological care. Using phone or video consultations, Teladoc doctors are available to provide care to those who need it. Starting at $10 per . . .  read more

Faculty Senate Update

Kristi Archuleta, Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership, Adult Education and Safety Sciences

The Faculty Senate met Thursday, Dec. 10. Reports from standing and university-wide committees where given and a discussion ensued related to the Provost search. Faculty Senate leadership on the search committee included the following:  

  • Dr. Jennifer Barger Johnson, Faculty Senate President 
  • Dr. Kristi Archuleta, Faculty Senate Past-President 
  • Dr. Luis Montes, Former Faculty Senate President 
  • Dr. Jaime Burns, Former Faculty Handbook Editorial Chairperson 
  • Dr. Dawn Lindblade-Evans, Former Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Christine Edwards, Master of Library and Information Science, Former Secretary/Treasurer 

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee also met with each Provost finalist. . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Zachary Hunter, Graduate Admissions Specialist II

The UCO Staff Senate held a meeting Tuesday, Dec. 2. There was no new or unfinished business, but a variety of guest speakers were included in the meeting. Guest speakers included:  

  • Laura Butler, UCO Legislative Liaison 
  • MeShawn Green, Inclusive Community Advocate 
  • Sarah Moore, President of Empowerment for Excellence 
  • Reggie Jordan, President of the African American Faculty/Staff Association 
  • Jakey Dobbs, President of the UCO Young Professional Faculty/Staff Association 

Due to the extended UCO winter break, the Staff Senate is not holding a January 2021 meeting.  The Staff Senate meets again . . .  read more

December New Faculty and Staff

Cali Shirkey
Benefits Payroll Coordinator
Human Resources

Kylie Carey
Safety Officer
Environmental Health & Safety

Antoine Holman
Business Analyst
Office of Information Technology

Ann Jayne
Group Fitness Instructor
Wellness & Sport

Rachel Gee
Group Fitness Instructor
Wellness & Sport

Chloe Hrdlicka
Development and Marketing Coordinator
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January Birthdays


Patrica Gass
Beverly Endicott
Cheryl Reed
Dale Reeves
Nathanael Medlam


Gary Steward
Alina Mizell
Sarah Harrel
Victor Santos E Silva


David Seigman
Shekhar Rathor
Jianguo Liu
John Mabry
Heather Davis


Andrew Castleberry
Loretta Risley
Cassie Murphy
Katherine Brown
Sarah Watson
Geronimo Parra


James West
Oksun Lee
Benjamin Hardwick
Felicia Young
Mucio Macedo


Dillon McDaniel


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January Years of Service

38 Years

April Haulman

24 Years

Carl Shortt

23 Years

Mike Cook

21 Years

Pamela Edwards
Amy Brown

20 Years

MeShawn Green

19 Years

Cristy Smith 
Brian Gorrell 
Deborah Thompson 

18 Years

Adam Johnson 
Janette Wetsel 

17 Years

Karen Vessier

16 Years

Debra Clark

15 Years

Tamela Clavin 
Deborah Deppe 
Lisa Gant 
Constance Squires 

14 Years

Dallas Caldwell 
Thomas Jourdan 

13 Years

Ryan Hays 
Regenia James 
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Unique Research Facilities at UCO

In a world where hands-on experience is king, it is imperative for students to have the right tools. The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) has world class research facilities that both undergraduate and graduate students can enjoy. From research centers to a supercomputer funded by the National Science Foundation, students are able to collaborate with their peers and professors in order to deepen their learning and make an impact in our world. These opportunities are not only on campus; UCO is a critical player in work happening in the community and across the state.

UCO Ranking and Accreditations

The United States of America does not have a Ministry of Education. As a result, university standards are measured by accreditation agencies. Universities with more prestigious academic programs go through the process of having their quality certified by accrediting agencies which specialize in specific academic disciplines.

Besides verifying academic quality, why do accreditations matter for students?

Lawmakers request more than 3,810 bills for 2021 session (eCapitol)

(eCap) House and Senate members requested more than 3,810 bills and joint resolutions for possible consideration during the 2021 legislative session.

Some 2,141 drafting requests for bills and joint resolutions were submitted in the House and 1,672 requests were submitted in the Senate, according to officials in each chamber, for a total of 3,813 requests. Senators also request three concurrent resolutions. Bills and joint resolutions are subject to the deadlines for consideration in each chamber. Concurrent resolutions are not. Friday was the deadline for members to submit bill drafting requests.

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