Mental Illness in Hamlet

When reading Hamlet, I could not help but notice Hamlet’s drastic mood swings between depression and mania and his inconsistent sense of time. These happen to be signs of Bipolar disorder. It made me want to look deeper at the mental history within some to the characters in the play. The show begins with Hamlet in a depressive state . . .  read more

Who the Glip Glorp is Hamlet?

Greetings from the Sol System! This message is intended to introduce all life forms to the Galaxy’s most interesting but still wildly misunderstood race: Humanity. To do this, we will use the only surviving (complete) artifact from these people: Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Now, most of you have . . .  read more

Sappho Induces Serotonin

Hey, howdy, hi, and welcome back to my blog!  This week we are going to talk about an ancient Greek poet by the name of Sappho.


Sappho was born around 630 B.C. on the Greek Island of Lesbos.  She committed most of her life to running a school for unwedded women on the island of Lesbos.  After that, the other factors and characteristics of Sappho’s . . .  read more

2020 UCO Reach Higher: Reconnect Week

Finish What You Started! 

Complete your college degree 100% online through the Reach Higher – Organizational Leadership program at the University of Central Oklahoma. Reach Higher: FlexFinish is a program for BUSY ADULTS that uses your existing college credits to develop a personalized degree completion program at an AFFORDABLE TUITION rate.

2020 Reach Higher: Reconnect Week –
October 19-24, 2020

Join program representatives . . .  read more

Menu for Sep 22

Please come support Alli by dining with us @ Central Station.

Tomato Basil Soup               $3.75

Grilled Caprese Sandwich  $3.25

Combo (half soup/sandw)  $3.50

Blueberry Crumb Bar          $1.50

We also have our standard items. You may order ahead by calling 974-5506 or emailing your order, payment method, pick up or delivery location, . . .  read more

Menu for Sep 24

Please come support Sarah by dining with us @ Central Station.

Apple Spinach Salad with pecans and raisins                                $4.50

Cheese or Chicken Quesadilla                                                       $5.50

Caramel-covered Green Apples (options: plain, pecan, oreo)       $3.00

We . . .  read more

Our Sustainability Efforts

We are trying to increase our sustainability efforts!

We now offer reusable to-go containers. For a one-time $8 deposit, you can participate for the entire semester or year. Your food will be delivered in a reusable to-go container; then at the end of the day we will pick up your container (no need to wash – we’ll do that!). . . .  read more

State Election Board Officials Caution Voters About Mailing From “OKVOTE” Organization (Oklahoma State Election Board)

(Oklahoma City) – Officials with the Oklahoma State Election Board cautioned voters about a mailing from a Tulsa-based organization, “OKVOTE,” after state and county election offices received several complaints from voters this week.

The mailing is an unsolicited, pre-filled voter registration application accompanied by a letter that mistakenly . . .  read more

Oct. 7 | 2-3p | Choosing Your UCO Benefits

Person holding tablet

The UCO Benefits team will join UCO Young Professionals Faculty & Staff Association for the  October meeting to talk about the upcoming open enrollment including new tools they will be offering this year. We will discuss enrollment plans and tips on how to choose the best plan for you.

Join us live on Zoom from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on October . . .  read more