The Rise of the Learning Architect

Dr. Bucky Dodd


In this article, I introduced the concept of The Learning Architect as a path forward for the learning design profession. Educators and learning professionals are working in situations where there are few reliable and tested methods for solving the learning problems people encounter. A path towards preparing learning architects sets forth . . .  read more

Sunday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

9AM- Round 4

1030AM- Brunch

1130- Finals – all students to attend

1PM- Awards

130PM- Camp Dismissed- Please be here by 130 if you are picking up your students.

Friday, July 28 Schedule

9AM- Go directly to your lab room. Pairings for the tournament released

1130AM- Lunch

1PM Round 1

245 PM  Round 2

430 PM Dinner

6 PM Round 3

After Round 3, return to your lab room until 8PM dismissal.

Tuesday Schedule

Tuesday, July 24 Schedule
9AM-1130AM- Lecture Lib Arts 213 Topicality and Theory with Courtney Schauer
1130AM-1PM- Lunch
1PM-430PM- Labs
430PM-6PM- Dinner Break
6PM-8PM- Labs

Schedule for Sunday, July 23

Sunday- July 23.
12-130 PM Registration and Dorm check in for students staying on campus (Commons Clubhouse)
245-330 PM Registration and check in for Commuter Students (Liberal Arts Building).
345PM- Camp Orientation Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
415PM- Topic Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
545PM- Dinner (Provided-Liberal . . .  read more

Seven Steps for Decoding Student Misunderstandings

Dr. Jody Horn

David Pace and Joan Middendorf created a model for decoding the disciplines as a method for faculty to uncover the ways students think and learn in various disciplines. Following their seven step process allows faculty members to understand the role they play in students’ misunderstandings of course content.

Did you ever wonder why students don’t . . .  read more

The Future of Food Science – The Bee’s Knees?

When you think of food science, you’re likely to picture an upscale restaurant serving a gastronomical feat – such as a balloon made of sugar – or the creation of a hybrid fruit. However, an assistant professor in Central’s Department of Human Environmental Sciences, Dr. Kanika Bhargava (Ph.D.), suggests that insects may . . .  read more