Weight Machines vs. Free Weights

There are so many different types of resistance training equipment that it can be hard to determine what’s best for you and your own personal fitness level. There are many different weight machines for all of the major muscle groups, resistance bands, and free weights, so how do you choose what’s right for you? Below is a list of some of the . . .  read more

Are you getting too much of a good thing?

Up to 20% of athletes experience overtraining, which is also commonly referred to as “staleness”. If an individual is not getting the proper rest time after the overload of intense exercise, the body will have an increasingly harder time recovering from a workout. If inadequate rest periods are continued, performance will actually decline. It . . .  read more

Strength Training and Weight Loss

Most people think that when trying to lose weight, cardio is the way to go. What most people don’t understand is that cardio is exactly what the word means—it’s for your heart. Although improving your heart health is great, cardio itself does not burn many calories. The best way to lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle is to incorporate strength . . .  read more

The Importance of a Warm-Up

We all know that exercise is a great way to improve health and increase physical fitness. A very important component of a workout session is the warm-up. Do you perform a warm-up before exercising? If not, here are a few reasons to begin warming up before every workout.

Performing a warm-up before exercising provides many benefits, including:

-increased . . .  read more

Why is water important?

Thinking of ways to change your water intake? Purchase a water jug and keep it with you throughout the day. Also, crystal light and flavored water help make it easier to drink as well. If you are anything like me, drinking water is a difficult task at times. But after realizing the benefits of drinking water, hopefully you will convert to a water . . .  read more

Why do I have to stretch?

Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease. To get out of bed, bending in hard to reach areas, lift children, or sweep the floor. Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age, often due to a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle. This blog is to help motivate and educate you to stretch on a daily basis so that physical activities . . .  read more

5 Reasons to Meal Prep

You’ve heard it time and time again: Prepare your meals ahead of time. In case you haven’t heard it, ladies and gentlemen prepare your meals ahead of time! Meal Prep. is a very efficient way to track what you’re eating throughout the day and to avoid eating for convenience. It’s easy as heck to run by the Drive-thru and grab . . .  read more

Tips for How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Everyone knows how good it feels to be at their peak performance level and having that “I’m on top of the world” feeling. But then, you plateau, and making it to those boot camps or running after work seems to be extremely hard. Here are seven tips that will help you find that perfect concoction to stay motivated while working out.

  1. The early bird gets the worm. Rise to the occasion; wake up an hour or two earlier to get that workout in before work or school. Make it the first thing you do in the morning so you won’t keep putting it off.
  2. Bribe yourself. Who said bribery was a bad thing? Set a goal and don’t forget to reward yourself. Be proud of yourself, you deserve that new bikini or power tool!
  3.  Get a buddy. Make your workout a social event. Whether catching up on the latest gossip, making it a competition, or just having someone there to count your sets, a workout buddy is beneficial. Chances are, you will hold each other accountable whenever one of you is getting a little less motivated.
  4. Switch it up. Think fun and shake things up a little. Having the same workout routine can get boring sometimes. Go out on a limb and sign up for that belly dancing class. Who knows? You may enjoy it.
  5. Keep a log. Look at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve improved or accomplished. You know you look good and feel great, but now you have those results to prove it!
  6. Tune in. Keep your iPod fresh. Download that new song that you’re addicted too and don’t be afraid to put it on repeat or shuffle.
  7. Find a quote. There are numerous motivational quotes all over the internet. Find one that fits and inspires you. Post it in your locker, in your car, on your mirror, or make it your background on your computer or phone. This quote should not only motivate you to get in the gym, but brighten your day and keep you confident in your abilities to conquer anything.

Christine . . .  read more

Build Your Confidence in the Gym

The UCO Wellness Center is a great facility and has plenty of equipment to get that much needed workout in for the day. However, this is a college campus and let’s face it, we all look at others while working out and judge whatever it is they are doing or how they look. For example, “Why is he grunting so loud?”, “I want to look like that.”, . . .  read more

Lower Stress with Physical Activity

I love getting my daily dose of physical activity because it is so good for my body, but more importantly because it is medicine for my mind. Physical activity is one of the best stress relievers there is. I have found that during the times in my life when I have experienced the most stress is when my physical activity levels have decreased. I have . . .  read more