From the President


As I prepare to end my time as president, I can’t help but think about the relevance of a legacy. A person may not have given their legacy focused attention; however, if asked, they likely could verbalize what they want people to remember about them. Envisioning legacy is a subconscious act that lives within every choice we make. The words we speak, emotions we express and acts we perform are the building blocks of the impression we leave on the world. It is in this way that our present creates our past.

The stories shared in this edition of Old North magazine encapsulates a portion of the lives lived by their narrators. These snapshots could never be comprehensive but are certainly representative images of the good hearts and minds of people who have built a beautiful legacy of kindness, generosity and persistence. They’ve made UCO part of their lives in meaningful ways that have expanded our story as well.

The legacy of this incredible university will be that we made a difference in the lives of thousands of graduates, their families, our communities, the state and the world. Our legacy lives among us. We have set the course for success in stability, strength and excellence as we have focused on what we will leave behind. Our impact may well be immeasurable and yet invaluable.

I hope you will be inspired by the people highlighted in this issue and compelled to consider your own story as a result.

It has been my greatest honor to lead this university and feel privileged to have added to its legacy.

My best to you, always.

Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar
University of Central Oklahoma