Brains, Books and Bronze

A UCO Alumnus’ Journey to Authorship

WRITING A BOOK CAN BE A LIFELONG ENDEAVOR for many authors— pouring countless hours into writing, editing and publishing their work. This makes UCO alumnus Henry Hoffmann’s story even more incredible. At age 24, Hoffmann has traveled across the globe, earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree and become a published author. 

Hoffmann started his incredible journey in the picturesque city of Cologne, Germany, the region’s cultural hub located on the Rhine River in western Germany. After graduating from high school in Cologne, Hoffmann wanted to explore the world, making a stop in Canada, before coming to the U.S., where he could continue his studies and continue playing hockey—a sport he played his entire life. 

The Path to Published 

Hoffmann began his journey in the U.S. at Williston State College, a community college in Williston, North Dakota. While working for the college, Hoffmann was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what was required to be admitted, as well as better understand the American higher education system and connect with people from around the world. 

Hoffmann began looking for ways to continue his education beyond community college. His skills on the ice attracted the attention of then, longtime UCO Hockey coach Craig McAlister. 

“I had a really good feeling about the team, the university, the city. Even though UCO is a bigger school than my previous one, it felt right.” 

Hoffmann’s time at Central provided lots of opportunities. He played two seasons, with a playoff appearance, for the UCO Hockey team. He graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in general business in spring 2020. His experience with the College of Business was so positive, under the guidance of Dini Homsey, Ph.D., UCO MBA program director and associate professor of marketing, that he decided to continue his education in the MBA program through the UCO Connected Campus. 

“I discussed with Professor Homsey and we talked about what would be the best path for me, especially as an international student and being fairly young compared to others in the program.” 

Hoffmann completed his MBA in the fall of 2021. His experiences as an international student and student-athlete made him realize that he wanted to share his knowledge with others wanting to study internationally. 

And then, inspiration struck. Hoffmann put pen to paper and never stopped. 

Study Guide USA 

Hoffmann knew firsthand the struggles international students face when studying abroad—being far from home, balancing school and adjusting to a different culture, language and way of life in a new country. His book, “Study Guide USA: How You Can Study in the U.S.,” offers advice to students about scholarships, accommodations, university admissions, visas, plan of study, travel, life on campus and more, with the ultimate goal of debunking the misconception that studying in the states is an impossible feat. 

“My mission is to help as many students as possible learn about the countless opportunities to study in the U.S. and not only receive a degree, but grow as a person, learn about their passions and create memories of a lifetime with lifelong friends,” Hoffmann said. 

Hoffmann published his book in German first, shortly followed by publication in English. Now, back in Germany, Hoffmann works in sales in Berlin. 

At a young age, Hoffmann left his home to try something new and through that, experienced many unforgettable moments. He hopes that his book will help others do the same.