A Distinguished Honor – Kashif Rathore

Distinguished Alumni

Kashif Rathore, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, 1997

Kashif RathoreBorn and raised in Pakistan, Kashif Rathore’s first glimpse of the United States was at UCO. Despite being slightly out of his element, he was determined to accomplish one thing: success.

Already holding a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Punjab, he soon earned his degree at Central and set out to make the health care industry better than he found it.

Rathore’s wife, Angie, calls him one of the most generous people she’s ever met and finds his resolve admirable. “When he first got to UCO, he was determined to be successful,” she says. “UCO has given him so much; it helped him develop into the person who he is.”

Following his graduation from UCO, Rathore began working at Cerner Corporation and excelled with the company becoming a vice president in 2017.

Having more than 22 years of executive management experience in the health care and information technology industry, Rathore was named senior vice president of digital business for CareDx in 2020.

“Recognition is not something that he actively seeks out,” Angie says. “He’s worked hard his whole career. He worked hard when he was at UCO to make sure he was active and involved, and now he’s doing the same thing in his career at CareDx, as he has all along.”

Reflecting on where he is now in his career, Rathore has a deep gratitude for UCO. He thanks Central for providing so many opportunities for his personal growth, career development and for broadening his horizons as he seeks to improve the complex field of health care.

Central Effect: How UCO Shaped Kashif

What student clubs or causes were you involved with on campus?

I was engaged in several clubs and activities including President Leadership Council, Student Government Association (Student Senator), International Student Association, Pakistan Student Association, Student Activates Club, and the Skating Club.

What were your favorite UCO events?

Homecoming and international festival were two of my favorite events. I always felt these events brought students together, offered diversity and valuable cultural learnings.

Where was your favorite place to be on campus?

Murdaugh Hall lobby or the tennis courts were my best hangout spots.

If you could go back in time to give yourself advice, what would it be?

Better time management. I would invest more time in exercise to manage stress.

Did you have a standout staff member who impacted you?

Susan Thompson, director of student activities, was a great inspiration for me. She taught me to always believe in yourself and to keep a positive attitude toward life. I still use that outlook in life and encourage others to try.

What was your favorite film or TV show?

SNL was and is my favorite show; in my view, it is creative and funny.

What was your favorite song or band?

Several bands, but to pick one I would go with U2 – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

My gratitude to UCO and to the State of Oklahoma for contributing to my personal and career development. UCO gave me so many opportunities and broadened my horizons.