Work-Study: What You Need to Know


Work-study seems confusing at a first glance. It is pretty straightforward and easy to understand once you learn the basics of the work-study award. Let’s discuss work-study and answer some common questions about it along the way!

What is Work-Study?

Federal work-study is part of a student’s financial aid award package. Eligibility is determined each year the FAFSA is completed and just because you were awarded work-study one year, doesn’t mean you will be awarded the next!

How Does the Work-Study Award Work?

Students apply for an approved work-study position on These jobs will be either on the UCO campus or with one of our approved off-campus community partners. Once you are hired as a work-study student, you will work in the position, up to 25 hours a week, just like any job and you will be paid every 2 weeks. This paycheck will be from your work-study award.

Are There Any Benefits?

One of the best benefits of work-study is that the earnings from your work-study position do not count against your income for the FAFSA. This could help the award amount of your financial aid awards. Another great benefit of working in a work-study position is that departments are more willing to work with your schedule because we know that school is your number 1 priority!

How Can I Check if I’m eligible for a Work-Study Position?

To see if you are eligible for work-study, you will just need to check your financial aid awards. You will first log into your UCONNECT account and select the My Finances tab. Once you are on the My Finances page, choose the View Your Financial Aid link and then the Award Offer. Here you will see if you have been awarded work-study and the amount for the year. If you do not see any awards, first check that you are in the correct award year. If you are and you have submitted your FAFSA for the same award year, contact Money Coach or One Stop to check your financial aid.

What About the Summer Semester?

Students can work in work-study positions over the summer and up to 35 hours! You will first want to complete the Summer Financial Aid app to ensure you are awarded financial aid for the summer semester. Next, make sure you enroll at least part-time to be eligible to receive your award. You can read more about summer financial aid here:

Anything Else?

  • When applying for jobs on the website, make sure to use the letters FWS in the filter to find the work-study jobs.
  • To use your work-study award, you will first need to accept your work-study award in UCONNECT. Make sure you accept the award so your hiring paperwork doesn’t get delayed!
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students can be eligible for work-study.
  • Ensure you mark “Yes” on the FAFSA work-study interest question.
  • Remember: work-study doesn’t pay out as a lump sum like other financial aid awards, it will be paid out bi-weekly in the form of a paycheck based on hours worked in an approved work-study position.


I am the Assistant Director for Work-Study and Scholarships at UCO. I enjoy providing students with information and resources that will assist them through their time in college and beyond. Overseeing the Money Coach Program in my current role gives me the opportunity to combine the two!