What Is A Money Coach Anyway?

The Money Coach Program is a financial literacy resource that is available to current and prospective UCO students. While the role of the Money Coach has changed throughout the years, the goal has remained the same: To create an opportunity for students to ask questions about finances and help them make informed financial decisions.

As Money Coaches, we offer advice and assistance with financial literacy and wellness. Whether calculating how much college will cost, looking at your finances for the first time, or planning for next semester and beyond, we are happy to help with the information and resources available to you.

Money Coach flyer of services

It’s important for you to know what is within our job parameters and equally as important for you to know the tasks that money coaches are not equipped to handle. As a reminder, we cannot lift holds, waive fees, or process financial aid for students, but we can connect you with the people who help with all of those issues!

Our program is a part of the Student Financial Services Department which means we work closely with your financial aid counselors and the Bursar’s office. Our offices are located on the first floor of the Nigh University Center at the South end of the building, room 114. We are currently taking virtual appointments to help students understand their bursar bill, financial aid awards, financial aid requirements, budgeting, and so much more! You can schedule an appointment from the UCO Money Coach web page (https://www.uco.edu/admissions-aid/financial-aid/money-coaches) by clicking the Meet with a Money Coach button.

We will post weekly with information you need and answers to your commonly – and uncommonly – asked questions!

I am the Assistant Director for Work-Study and Scholarships at UCO. I enjoy providing students with information and resources that will assist them through their time in college and beyond. Overseeing the Money Coach Program in my current role gives me the opportunity to combine the two!