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Posting My Headshot!

Hello everyone, just wanting to make a quick update!

As you all know, I’ve been running this blog since I got access to it over a month ago.

Unfortunately, until now, none of you have been able to put a face to who it is who runs this blog.

Well, here’s some good new, I finally have a picture to show you all!

I hope you all think it’s a nice picture, my parents took it for me, and I personally think they did a great job!

Look forward to more posts in the future more related to our upcoming conference, let’s keep Breaking the Barriers!

Last Week of School!

Hello, it’s Justin again, giving a little update on where things are at right now.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the last week of school of the semester at the time of writing this post.

As such, all of us in the organization have primarily been hard at work studying for finals.

However, don’t take that to mean we aren’t still hard at work prepping for our upcoming conference, quite the opposite in fact.

While not all of us will be in the state this summer, we’re all committed to keep doing our jobs this summer as we get closer and closer to our conference in September.

As such, any news we have to update, such as our next guest speaker, more sponsors, or anything else, we’ll be sure to let you all know.

It’s been a fun semester, but our organization is just getting started.

Between now and our conference, we will continue Breaking the Barriers.


We Have a Confirmed Guest Speaker!

Hello, we have some great news to share today.

We are in the process of requesting speakers for the Breaking the Barriers conference, and one is finally locked in.

Griff Palmer, a journalist for the New York Times, has confirmed he will be available as one of our guests of honor for our Breaking the Barriers conference this September.

Griff Palmer is a very prolific and established journalist with nearly 30 years of journalism under his belt.

Before joining the New York Times, Palmer had previously written for the Daily Oklahoman and the San Jose Mercury News.

He has been with the New York Times since 2006.

We look forward to having Mr. Palmer take part inWe  our panel and give us his take of journalism ethics.

We will keep you updated on what other guests we will have as that information becomes available to us.

Look who gets the sponsors and partners!!!

Look who gets the sponsors and partners!!!

Hello! My name is Sheridan Snyder. I am the Sponsorship and Partnership Director for the Breaking the Barriers Media Conference.

My job consists of finding the best possible sponsors and partners for our conference. Our sponsors will consist of local businesses around the Edmond community.

Through our sponsors and partners we will gain knowledge, support, networking, and money to make this a successful conference.

We will not only benefit from our sponsors and partners, but they will benefit from us as well.

Through these sponsors and partners, we will be able to network students through the community and work field.

Our goal is to have attendees leave the conference with gained knowledge about Mass Communications through our panels, speakers, and our mixer.

Come out on September 28th to expand your knowledge on Mass Communications! 


Update on Breaking the Barriers Conference

The conference planning group is on its way to finalizing many of the details and are beginning to fall into place.

On April 3, our class finally got to formally introduce ourselves to the rest of the University of Central Oklahoma Mass Communication faculty and staff, in which they went over the details of upcoming reception on September 28, 2017.

The meeting went well, as the faculty was very supportive of our proposals, here are some of them below:

  • Two panels with speakers from across the nation.
  • One keynote speaker, who will bring new ideas on one of our core themes.
  • Having refreshments and food as incentives for students, extra credit was also discussed.

The group also gave pointers on how we could better serve the student body and accommodate the faculty and staff.

The reception will be from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2017 on the third floor of the Old North building.

The panels and keynote are projected to begin at 1 p.m. in the Pegasus Theatre in the Liberal Arts Building.

We look forward to provide an excellent experience for you when our conference takes place. We will continue to update you on more info as they become available.

Do not forget to follow us on Twitter at @UCOBTB and Instagram at @UCO_BTB.

Remember to keep breaking barriers.
-Justin Galletly.


Welcome to ‘Breaking the Barriers’!

Hello! I am Justin Galletly, and welcome to “Breaking the Barriers,” the blog representing Professor Joe Hight’s Media Conference Leadership class. I am this site’s editor.

Here I and several other students of this class will update you on the different events and bits of information that our group has to share throughout the semester. Ultimately, as the site’s editor, I have the final say of what gets published on here for the general public to read.

The purpose of this group is to promote our conference we’re planning during Mass Comm Week next semester. The conference will occur Thursday, Sept. 28, where we will have guest speakers talking to students and faculty about issues in media ethics today.

The event will be held from 1 to 6:30 p.m. that day, and we will be announcing our guest speakers in the coming weeks.

We hope you will join us for what we have in store for not just students and faculty, but everyone else interested in what media ethics and the Mass Communication Department has to offer.

Together, we will all break the barriers!