We Have a Confirmed Guest Speaker!

Hello, we have some great news to share today.

We are in the process of requesting speakers for the Breaking the Barriers conference, and one is finally locked in.

Griff Palmer, a journalist for the New York Times, has confirmed he will be available as one of our guests of honor for our Breaking the Barriers conference this September.

Griff Palmer is a very prolific and established journalist with nearly 30 years of journalism under his belt.

Before joining the New York Times, Palmer had previously written for the Daily Oklahoman and the San Jose Mercury News.

He has been with the New York Times since 2006.

We look forward to having Mr. Palmer take part inWe  our panel and give us his take of journalism ethics.

We will keep you updated on what other guests we will have as that information becomes available to us.


  • That is great news! Congrats on the hard work so far, looking forward to the conference!!!