10 Reasons to see “A Flea in Her Ear”

By Dr. Pamela Washington

  1. There is a double—one is prim and proper—the other—not so much;
  2. Laura and Maria—think Lucy and Ethel;
  3. 9 doors which slam, hide, expose and reveal;
  4. A mauve letter;
  5. The Pussycat Motel has a new jungle room;
  6. Doctor Finache can cure anything with simple household products;
  7. Senior Homenides De Histangua is a jealous husband with a gun;
  8. Fabulous 1960’s fashions;
  9. Olympia (The Leather Lioness) and her husband, Ferraillon trying to “control” the action at The Pussycat;
  10. Andrew Tournel—finally a man who understands women’s fashion.